God’s unclear relation to Pain and Suffering


Jen Hatmaker attempts to write thoughtfully on the topic of Why does God allow pain and suffering.  Hatmaker, like many who refuse to consider the proposition there is no God, is hopelessly convinced there is a supernatural force that cares about the hairless apes that inhabit the planet earth. If you live long enough, you will suffer whether at your own hand or perhaps due to the inattention of a drunk driver. Her book, titled Interrupted about Jesus wrecking your comfortable Christian life, is a fair assessment of how life gets in the way of deep seeded religious convictions.

Ask the parents of the kids and young adults who were senselessly slaughtered in in Colorado movie theater by James Eagan Holmes. 24 lives extinguished by a sociopath does not point to transcendent being who created and unconditionally loves us. The simpler and much more plausible explanation to endless pain and suffering is that there is NO GOD. Our species will extinct itself like the millions of species before it. Life will go on and all the paper wasted on the bible will biodegrade and make a plant green somewhere.


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