Good Lawyers and the back of your phone book


Why wouldn’t you retain the lawyer you see in this advertisement on the back of a Las Cruces phone book? He sports a look that many could only achieve via airbrushing and his hair has an appearance that is sleeker than the finest toupees. His dashing looks would certainly win over any jury.

All this combined with Kenneth Egan’s 22 years of trial work make it a no brainer to pick him as your court room advocate if you are filing for bankruptcy, wrongful death, or are a victim in a car or motorcycle accident. I don’t think he specializes in DUI/DWI cases, but I would take a chance with him given his track record and civic mindedness.

The old saying that appearances can be deceiving does not apply to this formidable southern New Mexico legal counselor. I believe his winning percentage for cases that make it to court is an astounding 96%! In fact, I don’t think he has lost a case in over 3 years. I could be wrong, but in any event this man is somebody you want on your side if the IRS is breathing down your neck or if you have been wrongfully fired or terminated from your job.


Handsome professional looking las cruces attorney
Handsome professional looking las cruces attorney




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  1. Kody Fabroski versus Randy Spencer. Kody from Massachusetts articulately and believably defended himself on judge Judy proving that defending yourself does not require an expensive attorney. I am a DUI victim and fully advocate representing yourself in a court of law as I successfully defended myself with some free advice from a well respected lawyer.

  2. I detect faint criticism in your write up of the las cruces attorney. Am I right? We retained an excellent lawyer from the eric Roy firm in Vegas. Our daughter was injured on a trampoline in our neighbor’s back yard. They did not admit their responsibility in our daughters spinal injury. They got us an excellent settlement compensation which allowed us to move into a nicer house far away from our despicable, unaccountable neighbors!!

    1. We also have experienced the tragedy of a trampoline injury, but would prefer a lawyer closer to Roswell, Artesia, Carlsbad, Ruidoso, Lovington, Hobbs,Alamogordo New Mexico.

      We do not want a lawyer like Christopher Saucedo who is going after Zane Hansen, the owner of Gravity Park in Albuquerque. Two unnamed families are suing over injuries sustained by their kiddos even though the park went to great lengths to publish safety rules.

      Gravity Park should file a counter suit against the attorney and the two families for going after a big payday. When we lived in Houston, many lowlife types were prosecuted for filing frivolous lawsuits and lost. They were, of course, too broke and unaccountable to pay any damages.

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