Good thing this Video Game was disabled by its Developer


Joe Hindy wrote frankly and honestly about the unprecedented spike in popularity seen by the game Flappy Bird. Dong Nguyen, the game’s creator, disabled it after around a month of global mania. Nguyen stated the unwanted publicity of being associated with a worldwide hit was unbearable and the loss in privacy was not worth the ad revenue he was earning.

Hindy never really pinned down anything concrete explaining the meteoric rise of “just another video game”.  I do KNOW that something about Flappy Bird appealed to Obsessive/Compulsive and Bipolar mood disorder types.

A friend of ours residing in Midland,TX USA has a kiddo who had already been diagnosed as obsessive/compulsive when he became quickly addicted to Nguyen’s video game. The kid would literally pee or defecate in his pants rather than take the time to go to the bathroom. We are talking a 7 year old who is well past potty training here!

Our friend and his wife almost ended 10 years of marriage fighting about the best way to treat their video game addicted progeny.  As far as I know, the only the thing that saved the kid was Nguyen deciding to cut the lifeline of the game. The 7 year old was able to tell the difference between the copycat version of the game, Clumsy Bird which he did not like, and the original much to the relief of Mom and Dad. Junior still grapples with the aforementioned problems, but is functional enough to get by in school and interact some with kids in the neighborhood.


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  1. The Flappy Bird developer actually designed the game with the intent of allowing its users to relax and dilute any anger management issues they might have. However, the law of unintended consequences reared its ugly head and young kids and old grand dads were having frequent anger episodes even threatening murder when playing a silly bird game. Chris Rodriguez showed the world the nasty dark side of video game addiction.

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