Google Stock has NO Upper Bound


Below is a Charles Schwab screen shot of our equity positions in our IRA which are Apple, FaceBook, Google, Twitter, and WalMart. We have no ETFs or closed end funds because I have no idea what either of those investment instruments are.

I do know that FB, GOOG, and TWTR have gone through the roof and we were fortunate to time it just right. We bought FB at $38 per share, GOOG at $600 per share, and TWTR at $44 per share. Google is the prize winner closing at the historic high of $1100 per share!

Part of me wants to sell now because of the inevitable correction that always follows such astronomical growth, BUT I have not seen anything that comes close to representing a correction in either of the three stocks. One would have thought Google stock would have split by now, but I believe Sergey Brin is philosophically opposed to stock splits based on the fact splitting makes the stock more affordable at the share level, but adds no intrinsic value.

The only brick and mortar company in our retirement portfolios is WalMart which has grown steadily and pays dividends unlike most NASDAQ stocks. I guess I really don’t understand why the growth is so rapid and unbounded with respect to High Tech stock offerings. I just hope the day does not come where I regret not having sold these positions at their exceedingly high valuations.

Google Stock Cracks the $1100 barrier
Google Stock Cracks the $1100 barrier

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  1. Jennifer Booton says to dump Twitter and buy more FB and Google. I don’t think she is an analyst, just repeating Morgan Stanley recommendation. She is a reporter for FoxBusiness. She wrote informative article about typhoon’s destruction of much of the sugar cane industry in Philippines.

  2. Steven Russolillo of WSJ wrote an article about what Google stock split means to you. His only helpful insight was replacing the word split with halving. Anybody who needs a stock split explained to them should not be investing in anything.

  3. There have been a number of adsense publisher who claim Google withheld payments because of violation of TOS when, in fact, there were no violations. If you carefully examine the facts surrounding account suspensions of adsense publishers, you will invariably find instances of click bait-style content. What does click bait mean? It is content that has no inherent organic search string value and is designed to cause deceitfully induced clicks, NOT genuine searches trying to gain information on goods and services from legitimate vendors and companies who are looking to sell their offerings via the internet. Play fair with Google and they will be good to you. There are hundreds of thousands of adsense publishers who play by the rules and patiently earn excellent passive income. They may not be getting rich, but their earnings might pay the monthly mortgage and some bills!!!

    1. It’s hard to take the words of Google CEO concerning terroristic attacks seriously. Sundar Pichai wrote, “Let’s not let fear defeat our values”. Had any of Sundar’s family been slaughtered by assault rifles purchased by American grown sleeper cell Muslims, I expect his flowery I love America rhetoric would morph into something more militant.

    2. I have read reports of Adsense account holders earning legitimate click income from areas categorized as unknown regions. Some of these regions have remarkably high click through rates(CTR) and close to 100% active view viewable.

      1. Does Google send out W2 forms for adsense account holder earnings? This is a common question with an easy answer. Google is not your employer which is the only case W2 forms(W stand for wages) are mailed out. If you make more than $400 per year in AdSense income, then Google is required to mail you a 1099-MISC form which is also submitted to IRS which makes you obligated to pay federal income tax on those earnings.

  4. Would admin or any of the commenters here know anything about container optimized virtual machines. My colleague says these bad boys do not have down time which I find very hard to believe! Also the claim is that there is no maintenance which is also tough to swallow. Don’t want to hassle with switching from IPage unless I know this is all for real. Please share whatever your have and I will try to reciprocate. Thanks very much!

    Oh yeah, this all apparently is completely supported by cloud platform. Does that mean that no servers or any real hardware is needed locally? What I mean is the cloud platform just storage? Put another way can all the programming/processing by done remotely or does that still have to originate locally? Hope I am making sense.

  5. I finally determined what is meant by active view viewable as a percentage on an Adsense performance report. Say the percentage is 90% and the number of ad impressions is 80. This means that only 72 of the ad impressions were actually seen by viewer of web page. Note that 72 is 90% of the 80 attempted impressions.

    Think about the times you have viewed a page and how some of the ads don’t display for whatever reason.

    1. For an ad to be considered view-able, 50% of impression(meaning at least half of the displayable ad is rendered on page…not necessarily seen by viewer of page) has to be in users vision for 1 second or more.

  6. A couple of Morgan Stanley financial analysts ,Brian Nowak and Adam Jonas, believe that Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving car business, could have a valuation as high as $140 billion! The well educated and informed investment speculators were not too clear on the time line for their prediction.

    Uber has a great deal to worry about along with traditional non automated cab driving industry drivers!

    Sexy lipped LISA EADICICCO writes more thoughtfully about this battle. Gosh I would love to be in back seat of old fashioned Yellow Cab with her.

    1. Nicholas Jasinski, writing for Barron’s , does NOT have his finger on the pulse of America consumers. He is clueless about what people want with respect to self driving technology.

    2. Is drive Lyft for real? Got unsolicited email saying I could earn $2000 per week by hooking up Lyft device to my car. Two of my buddies are black cab drivers in London. Our friendship would be terminated if I opt in.

  7. Jason Calacanis is justified at being pissed off at Google for the way they just put an answer to the search rather than linking to their partners content. This has the effect of reducing Adsense revenue for their partners.

    A direct quote from Jason: “They’ve really screwed over their partners consistently over the years.”

  8. Has anybody else noticed adsense earnings dropping despite the same of number of click, similar Page RPM, page impression, etc? I had 6 clicks that yielded an anemic five cents! Whats up!? Is it that 2.7 billion EU antitrust fine?

    Google’s motto is not to do anything evil unless it is their actions towards their content providing partners.

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