Handwriting Expert’s Feeble attempt at Fame


Handwriting expert Michelle Dresbold defiantly and arrogantly declared President Trump is insecure, aggressive, and will fight anybody who disagrees with him. She bases her suspect analysis of our chief executive’s Richter scale signatures on the executive orders he has been signing recently.

I bet she is just trying to amp up the sales of her book Sex, Lies, and Handwriting which she heisted from James Spader’s movie.

Hand writing profiling or analysis falls into the same category as tarot cards, seances, and psychic hotline operators.

Michelle’s cursive writing reveals large apertures in her B’s P’s and R’s with the obvious implication of promiscuity and a strong preference for well hung men. After all, they need larger holes.


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  1. Does anybody know where I can get inexpensive copies of the writings of Manny Schewitz. He is a heterosexual championing the rights of gay men in both the professional and social realms. He had written at length about the promiscuity myth enveloping homosexual men and the view that all bottoms are only after well endowed black men. Thanks in advance!

    Also many thanks to James Kwalwasser for all he did in the interview stages of that famous investigation.

  2. Did you read about the Asian woman who was also on the Rag about our nation’s president. Former Georgetown University alum Anne Quito is definitely underutilizing her master’s degree in visual culture when she rants for about 5 paragraphs that Trump takes quite a long time to pen his signature. Anne apparently believes her concern on such a matter will be shared by others. Just make sure your citizenship status is solid and beyond reproach Miss Quito.

    1. Ted Lieu, not born in United States, is afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome. He is a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives(no big surprise) from sanctuary state California. Ship his Asian ass back to Taiwan!! Is that authoritarian enough for you chinky eyes!!?

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