Heroin keeps Killing


Heroin’s deadly rampage through the homes of families around the globe continues unabated. Whether one overdoses or slowly deteriorates on the opiate also known as smack, horse, or junk, the result is invariably  goal sapping and family destroying. Parents, siblings, spouses, and young children minus a mother and/or father have a lifetime to contemplate what they could have done differently to slow down or prevent a life ending addiction! Why we become addicted to substances deleterious to our well being is another article.

Heroin is derived from morphine and is a depressant. War time doctors treated injured soldiers with morphine. When these same soldiers returned to their homeland, they certainly remembered how effectively morphine assuaged the pain of their injuries and switched to the illegal version, heroin, to provide the same effect.

In the 1960s heroin became a hippie/counter-culture drug, but eventually coursed its way through major metropolitan regions around the world. Some recreational users have characterized their first hit of heroin in religious terms such as “seeing God” or “extreme transcendent tranquility”. Continued usage of this very addictive substance is tantamount to cheating death one day at a time.

Addiction can be beaten/avoided with a lot of perseverance and the support of family and friends. I extend my deepest sympathies to drug users and addicts out there who do not have support groups or family members to help you find your way. I wish I could tell you the standard bromides about how life is a gift from God and that ingesting poisonous substances is a bad way to accept that gift. However, that kind of talk sounds good but is not really helpful in beating addiction.

The simple fix is to never EVER give addictive substances a chance! We all get depressed and want a break from reality, but talk to a friend or teacher do ANYTHING other than consuming a drug whose effects can be a fate worse than death itself!


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