Hooky playing City Councilors


Cartoonist Keith Bell  appeared to throw a much deserved jab at the Roswell City Council in his most recent drawing. A foreign couple was depicted viewing an art exhibit at the RMAC when they reached a “painting” that said Roswell City Council Meets here second Thursday Each Month.

The man’s caption on this “painting” opined “An Insightful Comment on American Civics N’EST-CE PAS?”

Oops, my French is weak to non-existent and a quick Google found that N’EST-CE PAS is a tag question or a phrase that questions the validity of something. So I am speculating that the cartoon characters were questioning whether the Roswell City Council ever really properly meets. Over and over there are reports of absenteeism when the council is supposed to meet to resolve something.

I know that councilors Denny, Velasquez, Sanchez, Craig, Sandoval, Best, Mackey(who uses FaceBook to advertise her church), and the bow tie pot hating guy Perry have missed meetings. All these people campaigned pretty hard to get elected as I recall. Their flippancy, regarding their civic responsibility to represent the needs of the people who voted them into office, should not go unmentioned. Maybe they have their reasons for no showing City Council meetings with respect to being at loggerheads with other council members. However, the voters did not elect you guys to cower in the face of adversity. Do your jobs or don’t run.

Dissolve this dysfunctional city council
Dissolve this dysfunctional city council

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  1. I took a course from Keith at ENMU some time ago. A nice guy and very respectful of his students. Are you sure he is making fun of the councilors no showing the meetings?

    1. Private Dancer, no I am not sure Keith was trying to pick a bone with councillors who absent themselves from important meetings. He drops in here and will briefly comment occasionally. Maybe he will read this and remove the mystery.

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