How About Dem Playoff Pokes

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail uses the designations x y z and * as playoff clinch codes. X means clinched a playoff spot. Y means clinched division title which is NFC East for the Cowboys . Z means clinched first round bye. Finally * guarantees home field advantage throughout playoffs not, of course, including the super bowl.

So with two games remaining in the regular season, the Dallas Cowboys are the ONLY xyz* team in the ENTIRE National Football League. To put this in proper perspective, the legendary Patriots are the only xyz team meaning Tom Brady’s team have not yet clinched home field on the AFC side. How bout them Cowboys Jimmy Johnson?!!!

Damn it’s nice to be playing at home in indoor heated stadium ┬árather than in super frigid NYC stadium where Prescott was a little out of sorts as a result of the elements. What else could you expect from the affable performer from warm Mississippi?


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  1. Damn Dude!, I am a Cowboy fan from way back and even I could not believe how they thoroughly dominated an outstanding Detroit Lion team. Those Motor City Cats started out like they were gonna kick the crap out of the BOYS! Then Dallas crushed them 42-21 with Desmond Bryant throwing a left handed touchdown pass!!! The only team that worries me is the Atlanta Falcons. Did you see the cowboy punter knock punt returner on his ass. The venerated and still very cute John Gruden said he had never seen that kind of aggressive play by a punter in his life!!!

  2. Did you read about Cowboy owner Jerry Jones asking the Good Lord to let the Cowboys win the super bowl? Yes he actually asked God to let the cowobys win the superbowl:

    “The third Super Bowl that I had a chance to be involved in, I made a deal with the man upstairs(has to be talking about God right?) and said ‘If you’ll just do it for me, I’ll never ask again. This will be it, if you let me win this third Super Bowl, I won’t ask again.’

    So a billionaire who really believes there is a supernatural force who cares about grown men knocking each other down in front of people who are paying to watch them.

  3. Number 19 butler wide receiver called for drive ending too many men in the huddle drive stopping penalty. Cowboys defense gets a three and out…too many men on the field. Looks like Cowboys gonna get their ass kicked by Packers.
    Number 24 defensive back Morris Claiborne keeps Green Bay drive alive with hands to face penalty. Cowboys pass rushers could not pressure an average college team quarterback.

    Dak threw up a lot of balls that could have been picked, the pick by number 33 Hyde should signal it is time to bring in veteran tony Romo.

    Offensive lineman 68 Doug Free caught holding after Zeke had gained 15 yards. Hold had nothing to do with the gain. Jeff Heath number 38 free safety had chance for easy strip sack which would have won game for Dallas with bailey field goal.

    1. Xavier Woods Number 25 has low football IQ not knowing how to play easy punt in end zone against denver broncos. Very weak special teams player.

      Pass rusher Lawrence leverage play on field goal cost the team a touchdown.

      More examples of ignorant black men who will never be team players.

      1. The cowboy football coach Jason Garrett said cowboys had a nice defensive game against the giants.

        Today cowboys played a game which proves they are NOT playoff material against the Denver broncos. They were completely dominated. Jason Garrett has no clue! The Giants are terrible offensively. Dak Prescott is at best below average QB who missed many wide open passes.

        A field goal in fourth quarter would have made it a two score game, but the listless ignorant head coach Garrett stupidly was unaware and went for a touchdown.

        1. Cowboys got CRUSHED by Broncos. It is the kind of game that will be in the back of their minds the entire season. It was embarrassing to the league and anybody who calls themselves a cowboy fan.

          Cowboys have no leaders and have been exposed as a mediocre team.

          1. Micah Hyde #23 Is a defensive back for buffalo bills who just cost his team a touchdown by taking cheap shot on Denver receiver who had beaten him badly on beautiful route.

      2. Xavier Woods needs to be cut. He was standing to close to Ryan Switzer on punt play causing a fumble and an easy touchdown.

        The cowboys would have been up by 11 with possession had the selfish rookie Ryan Switzer fair caught the punt like any good team player would have done. Instead he cast his team seven points.

        Also Dez Bryant is only an average receiver. He is more interested in monetizing his projected dislike for Josh Norman of redskins. Bryant dropped ball against Rams and just jogged off the field like no problem.

        1. Cornerback Xavier Woods #25 missed easy tackle that would have ended game against the redskins. These kind of game changing errors and mistakes could keep Xavier off team next year.

          Cowboys show how little character they have when they let Philadelphia take second half kick off and move easily down the field for touchdown. Dallas had taken a 9-7 lead at halftime playing good defense in first half. Dak proving he is only average quarterback.

          Xavier blundered on special teams by clipping on punt return and costing team 30 yards in field position against chiefs.

          Also Nick Shook writing for called the one sided cowboy win against Kansas City as back and forth affair between two heavyweight fighters. I know Nick is pressed for time, but the heavyweight analogy is overused and unoriginal. Also cowboys dominated game and score would have been 28-10 had chiefs not pulled off that fluke touchdown 2 second before first half finished.

          1. Cowboys suck. Very weak team. They called pass play on second and two yards to go against eagles. Prescott had wide open field and completely screwed up play! On third and two, cowboys got overpowered at line of scrimmage on running play they should have done on second down. Part of me loves seeing Jerry Jones lose though!

  4. Cowboy Linebacker number 59 Hitchens should be cut for facemasking packer receiver keeping possession alive for packers and eventually a touchdown.

    Jason Garrett should be a leader and cut him or bench him. Hitchens is another ignorant, stupid, undisciplined black man who would be selling meth Or beating women if cowboys didn’t give him a chance! Defensive coach marinelli or Jerry Jones should step up and get Hitchens off the team!!!

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