How could Tapeworms and God Coexist?


The pilot episode of House subtitled Everyone Lies really impinged upon me the absurdity of belief in an anthropomorphic God. A kindergarten teacher was eventually diagnosed with a tapeworm in her brain after a few misdiagnoses.

The first scene included the teacher’s students laughing at her for a speech impediment caused by an infection in her brain due to dying tapeworms. She desperately wrote call the nurse on the chalkboard just before collapsing on classroom floor.

Healthy tapeworms had lived without symptoms in the young female teacher’s body for some time before manifesting as horrible convulsions and a throat closure leading to a tracheotomy.

Humans eat dead animals and  dead plants. Tapeworms eat or consume nutrients from the human body and bloodstream. EXCUSE ME, but where does a caring, loving, and benevolent God fit into this picture?

You know, I read that Hugh Laurie, who played the doctor who finally came up with correct tapeworm diagnosis, has grappled with clinical depression in his own off the camera life. I wonder how much of his melancholy was induced by having to play his character for eight seasons of an outstanding TV series?



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