How could this Homeowner have forgotten This?


My cousin in Maryland built a really nice house with his own hands apart from some special contractors required for some custom cement work in his basement. Jimmy was smart, building within 30 miles of Baltimore, gaining him access to the big city, but preserving privacy, peace and quiet, and the approval of his demanding and overbearing wife. Jimmy knows I could not stand her, but it is his taste in mates that matters most here.

Their very special domicile contained pieces of furniture acquired all over the world including strikingly symbolic dining room stools designed by West African Hamed Ouattara of Burkina Faso. I was so moved by its appearance that I chose not to sit on it fearing a curse or a lifelong spell! He possessed a table with surface that appeared to be  the irregularly shaped cross section of a large tree trunk. His wife swore it’s construction was overseen by the well known George Nakashima. I knew cousin could not afford the output of the Japanese-American icon first hand. His wife said they picked up for obscenely low price at an estate sale, but we only have her word it was the work of Nakashima.

Their home was full of unique items, not just furniture, that would be impossible to replace due to the lengthy amount of time required to accumulate them. So, the unthinkable happened. Husband and Wife were away for around 3 weeks traveling to Mississippi to be with the children of some ailing relatives. When they returned, ALL their valuable acquisitions had been stolen with no sign of forced entry! Around two and a half hours of dropcam video was missing from their home security system indicating thief knew how to disable it which happened to be as simple as unplugging their WiFi Router in this case. Before the WiFi was disabled, two hooded heisters were seen entering through front door apparently possessing a key! His wife thinks it was Apartment building construction workers who had seen them packing their luggage into their driveway parked car knowing they would be away for awhile.

So insurance steps in to save the day right? WRONG, cousin had fire, flood, vandalism, hail and every possible coverage one could imagine except the crucial policy that would have compensated him for the loss of his painstakingly collected list of singular furniture. Yup, somehow his home was not insured for its contents. He could not explain how he had committed such an investment gaffe and to this day patiently tolerates his head case wife’s tirades on losses that will forever haunt him.



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  1. John Eldridge wrote an interesting article favoring renting versus owning and the perils of not having building contents insurance. He wrote more generally about loss avoidance which combines insurance and prudent investments as its key components.

  2. John Barnum of Albuquerque NM described a homeowner who went outside to attack crooks and vandals he had seen on home video surveillance. He spoke of his fathers original motivation if moving into a safe neighborhood long ago.

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