Human Feces is a Biohazard


The following story never made it to any newspaper that I was able to Google or trace, but I am fairly certain it happened in Houston a few years back. One of the reasons it stayed out of the news was that was the terms of a plea deal. Will use the pseudonym Tim to refer to the guy who did it and managed to keep it off his record. How do I know this? My Auntie Mary worked with the guy and knew his boss. Fortunately for Auntie, she was a third party contractor and only had to deal with the despotic boss infrequently.

Tim’s boss was a tyrant, a control freak, a micromanager, checked the browsing history of his employees, made sure their FaceBook activity was acceptable to company policy, etc. How he kept his job was mystery to everybody except the owner of the company who had lost many employees due to the imperious and dominating director. Many complaints had been filed with HR to no avail.

Tim was one of the employees who had filed a complaint with Human Resources which was essentially ignored like all the rest. So he decided before he quit that he would make sure the boss knew how despised he was by his workforce.

Tim researched the legalities  of defecating into some type of container and mailing the excrement to his boss from hell. As hateful and sick as this sounds, almost all of us have had this type of contempt for at least on person in our life, a colleague at work, stepparent, landlord who will not refund security deposit, doctors who over bill, etc.

His research revealed it would be illegal to ship poop without a biohazard stamp on it. As far as I know, human crap, as distinguished from the other animals, is classified as a biohazard because of the massive pharmaceutical  industry with everybody being drugged up on pills they don’t really need.

To end this tasteless post as briefly as possible, Tim did the dirty deed and labeled it biohazard with a legal sticker. Without revealing the identity of the company he worked for, lets just say Tim knew his boss would open it!

Again I don’t want to reveal anything identifying about his employer, but Tim forgot that his DNA was in his own poop! He was eventually apprehended and prosecuted. He was fined and agreed to move out of the state making no further contact with employees and customers of the company.

Tim went from a high flying tech job to working as a delivery boy for Dominoes Pizza due to not being able to control his temper as justified as his anger was. Why do people do these type of things? None of like to be bullied or disrespected and will eventually crack and commit an act of retribution. Tim got caught which illustrated how an intelligent person can make stupid decisions when angry.



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