Is there any Substance to Birtherism Claims?


Chris Matthews of well known Let’s play Hardball political commentary tv program induced me to look up the meaning and origin of the term birtherism:

birtherism ‎(uncountable) (slang, often pejorative, US politics) A movement or policy in the United States of America that doubts or denies that the current President(Barrack Hussein Obama) is a natural-born U.S. citizen, thus implying that he or she is ineligible to be President.

Trump repeatedly has stated that nobody really knew our Black President in School intimating that Obama has no ties to America or its best interests OR even more sinister did not EVEN grow up in the USA. Trump’s incessant cudgel can be easily refuted as student Obama spent a a lot of time in Columbia’s library which explains why alum might not have been that aware.

A little more spooky and sinister, supporting Donald Trumps’s impeach the president perspective, is Michael Baron, the Columbia professor who remembers Obama and corroborates his time at Columbia.  Baron seems to recall more than just President Obama’s enrollment in his courses. He recalls the future president was quite proficient in foreign policy easily earning a grade of A from Baron.  Casting more doubt on Obama’s authenticity is a brilliant thesis paper he wrote that the professor could not find in his files.

Barrack Obama’s address his senior year at Columbia University was Apartment 6A at 339 East 94th St. He also had a roommate named  Phil Boerner in Apartment 3E, located at 142 West 109th St, in New York. It is rather suspicious that we never hear about interviews or any written material from Boerner regarding his association with Obama. I am sure the secret service is all over that. The one guy who could confirm  the xtreme anti-military and soft on ISIS sentiments of the most powerful man in the world.


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