Janeane Garofalo and I would have bonded


“Do you know why sailers and fisherman never learned how to swim? ” queried Owen Wilson’s character in The Minus Man. The interlocutor was Janeane Garofalo’s character and she was informed that it would take them that much longer to drown if boat capsized.

Janeane prefers pessimism to optimism, secular versus religious, and is the most truth seeking celebrity I have listened to. She is great at broaching and finding the humor in topics that most folks avoid. She, during her time in Katy,TX, noted that girls who were not pretty were marginalized and that athletics was overemphasized.

She would have liked me had she met me and got to know me even though I am far from asexual. I am just like her,  but have lived a far more routine life. I envy her for being able to be completely herself and make a living without really selling out to her employer.

Janeane, if you read this will you please affirm that Melancholia is your favorite movie of all time? It’s honest, no hope delivery strikes me as something that would appeal to your world view. I would appreciate the minute of your life required to enter the comment. Thanks


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  1. My cousin in Florida knows those teenagers who videoed the drug addict drowning in a Cocoa park. They laughed, did not call police or 911. They mocked him as he was dying, lungs filling with water.

    They play those video games with violent death and murder as themes. Watching somebody die via drowning is an amusement to these sociopaths!!!!

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