Keith Bell Enjoys the Attention


I remember becoming aware of cartoonist Keith Bell’s work many years

Keith Bell, a picture of the man behind the controversial cartoons in Roswell.
Keith Bell, a picture of the man behind the controversial cartoons in Roswell.

ago and speculating that he must enjoy the attention whether it be negative notoriety or not. His proficiency in producing pointed and thought-provoking cartoons cannot be contested. I had assumed all these years that Keith must be a relatively young man perhaps in his mid-30s.

I learned in a KOB newscast that Bell  is  an older gentleman in his late 50s. It is a fact that Keith Bell enjoys putting his name on cartoons that piss off a lot of people. Robert Maples, of Roswell, NM, was depicted in a cartoon that involved a urinal as less than a civil human being which had to hurt the former NMMI Protestant Chaplain. Bell’s offensive cartoon was published around the time that the RDR reported multiple vandalisms of Maples’ home. The urinal cartoon stepped beyond the bounds of good taste and was probably construed as offensive by Maples although Maples had a rather caustic demeanor himself at times.

One of his more recent efforts caught the attention of a former native American governor candidate who publicly opined that Keith Bell would prefer all Mexicans and Blacks to get the hell out of Roswell. Bell vehemently denied that his cartoon, published in the RDR, intimated such a mass exodus. However, the cartoon had street signs that pointed in opposite directions with a black and Mexican civil rights leaders names. BTW, the population of Roswell would drop from 50,000 to 20,000 if all the Mexicans departed Keith.

I don’t think Bell really meant for all the Mexicans and Negroes to leave Roswell, but native American Debra Haaland s of Albuquerque sure seemed to think so in her letter to the editor.

Bell went after former Mayor Del Jurney in one of his cartoons a few years back and has also attacked educational infrastructure supporting Bonds. Ask any ENMU professor or RISD teacher if they like Keith.These days, once somebody puts their name on something, it will be permanently etched in social media and the blogosphere. Perhaps this will make satirical cartoonist Keith Bell a little more circumspect before he “runs his mouth/artist’s pen” in his next effort.

RDR editor Timothy Howsare may have to step to the plate and tighten the leash on Bell. Howsare is torn between two loves on this one as Bell certainly drives up the circulation numbers for the newspaper, but at the price of insulting many public figures and multiple ethnic groups. To his credit, Keith is not afraid to go after corruption and fraud as illustrated by his cartoon that exposed four ENMU EMS instructors for alleged double dipping.

Still waiting on the output/opinion of KOB newscaster/loudmouth Stuart Dyson. Bell and Dyson would make good drinking buddies don’t you think?



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  1. Well, I guess our honeymoon after the Charlie Hebdo incident is over. Yes, I’ve seen your site and your various postings on my cartoons. To answer some of your concerns:
    Nope! Don’t dye my hair. I am 53 (full disclosure: I’ll be 54 this month). I’m in pretty crummy shape from spending too much time at a drawing board; thank goodness my wife likes the way I look.
    I do want to thank you for following my work so closely for these years. Well, I say “closely,” but apparently you missed Councilman Maples in the paper saying the City Council was “pissing” all over each other–hence the urinal cartoon. I liked him. He was a good sport and got a chuckle over the fun we had with him.
    A bit perplexed by your having it both ways on the sign cartoon–on the one hand you caution me that if minority groups left town, the population would significantly decrease (I agree with you about that, which makes the whole proposition absurd), and then you say I don’t really want that. Well, of course I don’t. How silly.
    Yes, I have consistently expressed my conservative opinions in my cartoons: I’m against illegal immigration (the source of the charge against me as being “racist”), and I don’t think the RISD and ENMU-R should be able to increase our taxes without limit or accountability. I gather “Jackson Daniels” is associated somehow with our local junior college. Well, surprise! so was I once, and I witnessed the fraud and waste firsthand. So I’m not just talking out of my mortarboard–or artist’s pen–on that issue.
    I have no idea what you have proposed to Stuart Dyson.
    Okay, “Mr. Jackson.” I’ve responded. A little red meat for you snarling liberals. Have fun.

  2. Keith,

    I don’t know if Daniels is your friend or foe. I do know firsthand that ENMU is wasteful and an awful steward of the public money they receive. I would love to see you or Daniels expound upon the most recent incident where EMS instructors there got caught with their hand in the cookie jar where a 3rd party auditor signed off on their infractions only to have a faculty led committee exonerate them! That’s a lot of crap and I know I am among many who would love you to produce a cartoon amplifying the absurdity of them NOT getting fired.

    You characterized Daniels as extreme liberal, but many of his articles seem pretty far to the right to me. Maybe it is one moniker for multiple writers or he is a split personality:)

  3. Yes, Bill, I don’t know, either. The opinion has been a bit inconsistent. I have wondered, too, if there is more than one voice here.
    There just might be a cartoon on my drawing table that fits your description.

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