I know who Keith Bell is not voting for in Mayoral Election


Keith Bell is a Roswell,NM icon like it or not. He has managed to irritate/incense people on both sides of the conservative/liberal divide in southeastern New Mexico. This divide is quite magnified in a town that battled acrimoniously over the three mill levy which would have injected life blood into the deteriorating infrastructure of ENMU.

As you can see in the most recent Keith Bell cartoon below, either he or his employer does not want to see Incumbent Mayor Del Jurney reelected. His employer is the Roswell Daily Record and one would think they endorse the views of Bell cartoons that appear in The Voice of the Pecos Valley.

Bell’s cartoon which leverages an association with the well known music group Journey, criticizes Jurney for trying to always raise taxes, being good to his self, any way you want it(song title), won’t get fooled again(isn’t that by the Guess Who?), give PC a chance, and other selections in Jurney’s Greatest Hits. Yes Keith, the apostrophe after the y is a way to form the possessive of the proper noun Jurney. Learned that from Dr Heidi Huckabee at ENMU. I believe her salary was partially paid for by Bond money whose passage you so predictably oppose.

I don’t think Keith could vote for Dennis Kintigh either because Bell has likely published cartoons offensive to the Roswell Police Department and Dennis is a former police chief and FBI special agent.

More recently Keith made sure the city did not forgot that ENMU is not above reproach when he  exposed an internal faculty composed disciplinary committee which ruled against the the findings of a respected accounting firm out of Albuquerque. The auditors found that EMS instructors over billed for their services.

Jurney Greatest Hits
Jurney Greatest Hits

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  1. Dennis Kintigh along with the help of misleading cartoons by Keith Bell and expensive full page ads in the RDR bought the position of Mayor in recent Roswell election. Fewer turned out for mayoral election than the 3 mill levy election which was much more of a “pocketbook” election. Only 5100 residents voted!! Kintigh was enjoying champagne and an expensive steak at Cattleman’s Steakhouse when he delivered his victory speech.

    1. Jill McLaughlin wrote in today’s RDR that Kintigh exploited a poorly written statute allowing donors to Kintigh’s mayoral campaign to remain anonymous. It’s obvious these anonymous donors are linked to oil and gas enterprises and dairy businesses. Dennis openly admits he took advantage of the unfair law which elevated him to victory over the better man and leader Del Jurney

      1. This all consistent with how the mayor has been implicated in the dismissal of the highly qualified RMAC director. A “prominent” Roswell citizen wanted an art piece for his own personal property. The piece was the property of RMAC. Director refused to give it up. Mayor expropriated piece and gave it away to wealthy citizen. Museum director was asked to resign. Mayor is bully who needs to be checked. If you do not believe me, Laurie Rufe or Miranda Howe will tell you the city council podium or dais was funded with money earmarked from museum budget.
        I believe Miranda’s brother Jeremy was appointed director of the Roswell Goddard planetarium. He comes from a family of artists. Interesting choice of professions for an artist. I am sure he will make a fine director.

        1. Luke Ragsdale is now complicit in the unfair attacks on former RMAC director Michael Hall. People on the inside KNOW Hall was forced out of his position unethically as the mayor felt like the museum pieces were city property that could be capriciously sold or shifted around at the mayor’s snap of a finger. Hall’s wife was told by Ragsdale to withdraw her truth filled letter to editor about the dirty politics played in the small south eastern NM community. Is Joyce Tucker Jeff Tucker’s wife? The RMAC board of trustees was forced out for running museum the way it should be run.

          1. Attorney Luke “follow the money” Ragsdale is defending Jeanette Garza Alvarez for the public nuisance she created by posting gossip about gun threat at Sierra Middle School. RPD officer Tracy Oldani did not believe any imminent danger existed because of a bored housewife’s irresponsible Facebook post which caused 160 absences in a school district full of unmotivated students.

            1. Alvarez is a drama queen just by looking at her Barbie doll ostentatious dark red lip stick LIPS? Can you imagine those wrapped around your Johnson?!

              Judge Hudson was derelict and careless in his interpretation of the law. Attorney Paul v Sanchez.

              Ask greedy Luke Ragsdale how much money he made “seeing that justice was served”

          2. Exemplary lifetime educator Mona Kirk of RISD takes her talents to the school board. She will be the much awaited voice of reason peacefully subduing all the infighting and BS

        2. Juanita Finger might want to research the connection between this and the termination of Roswell fine art league’s Juried art show. She notes city will be losing revenue due to mysterious disappearance of this program.

          1. Martin’ better half Linda Kral points out the dissolution of the RFAL is commensurate with the lack of interest in the artsy fartsy here in Roswell,NM. Fingers overt blaming of RDR was unjustified.

            1. Linda Kral is a fool in the biblical sense comparing Cassius Clay and Donald Trump. Linda makes no mention of the exploitative and fraudulent Trump University which bilked students of their money without finding them a job. She is the one with massive ego somehow thinking we should listen to her and vote a reality tv star into the Oval Office. Her and her husband are a couple of nerds whose political views are valueless. Her criticism of Hilary was quite faint for a blind Trump acolyte.

        3. Jeremy Howe is managing some big bucks. You could see the tension in his face as he visited with RISD Board president Peggy Brewer in today’s newspaper. Howe is a good man for the job as he has his fingers on the communities pulse and loves being a citizen. His technical expertise will have the dome projection system optimized for years of service to a vital community resource. I hope he will exercise his influence to reopen Hope amphitheater for gay functions. His inside knowledge of NMMI operations could be the key!

    2. Keith Bell could not hold a candle to Del Jurney. Mayor Jurney really wanted what is best for the city and showed it during his time. He got squeezed out by the interests of certain business owners who care only about their profits and NOT what is is best for Roswell!! They do NOT want Roswell to grow and prosper because they do not want other competitors in the city.

    3. Our Mayor did his Homework on the expensive proposals to improve Roswell Convention Center. He points out that convention centers all across our great nation are grossly underutilized. The land of enchantment is littered with convention center trash. Kintigh lists Taos,Rio Rancho,Las Cruces as convention center grave yards.
      Even the the dog loving rednecks have to give the Mayor an A Plus

  2. Randle Easley does not like Keith Bell. Fair enough. Easley is incensed that Bell depicted Bergdahl as a rat in one of his typical character attacking cartoons(admins of this site request that anonymous comments refrain from marginally false statements….Neither the Super admin of this site nor the 5 content writers have observed anything close to character attacking in Keith Bell’s work) that Editor Howsare allowed to appear in RDR.

    However, at question are the words of Easley when he says that The United States military has a tradition and a commitment of leaving no soldier behind. No questions, no conditions, and no exceptions.

    Mr Easley, does this include cases of US soldiers raping and killing women in Vietnam? Your absurd “tradition” gives our soldiers carte Blanche to rape and pillage. In the relatively rare event that they do these abominable acts, they should tried and prosecuted in the country where offense occurred.

    For more information, please contact Lieutenant William Calley Jr. for some facts regarding the My Lai Massacre.

  3. People like Mayor Del Jurney and Parks and Recreation manager Kim Elliot do a helluva lot more for city than wind bag Keith Bell. Randal Seyler wrote that Jurney raised $75000 for the Veterans Cemetery! Even after his mayoral term has concluded, Jurney proves he loves Roswell. Keith Bell just makes up stuff as he goes and is not respected.

  4. Leslie,

    We try to monitor the civility of the comments here, but some times offensive ones slip through. Would you prefer we delete the comment critical of your classroom practices? Sorry for any unnecessary stress this may have induced.

    1. Not at all. I think it reflects more on the person who posted that comment than it does on me. I can’t take seriously any criticism of my classroom practices by a person who has never seen them. But thank you for asking.

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