Lawyers gotta love High Court Ruling on Same Sex Marriages


Gay marriages are now legal nationally due to the Supreme Court ruling even though various states including New Mexico recognized them as evidenced by this “high publicity” gay union that was promulgated by Tess Townsend in RDR, Actually referring to such betrothals as pending gay marriages is rather coarse compared to the preferred High Court vernacular of same sex marriages. I miss Miss Townsend’s adroit pen, but she moved on to greener pastures writing for TheDay in New London, Connecticut. The RDR is a revolving door for young journalists desperate for a job fresh out of school. They come here to have a marginally positive entry for their Curriculum Vitae or Resume and then it is Skedaddle. There was another well educated writer named Noah Vernau who did not hang around long either………..

Was there any doubt that the Roswell Daily Record’s most talked about and talented employee would weigh in on this most divisive and topical issue? BTW do you all remember the days when the term issue meant nothing more than a newsworthy item, whereas now it strikes a pejorative tone?

Let’s get back to the cartoon yielded by the most talked about employee of the RDR. The drawing shows a middle aged, bald man jumping for joy in the street thanking the Supreme Court for making gay marriage legal.

An elderly onlooking couple are captioned with Gay Activist?(Woman) and Divorce Lawyer(Male). Do notice Keith’s subtle use of punctuation here. The woman was was in the interrogative mode while the man was in the declarative as if he was certain the High Court ruling would guarantee a lawyer more money.

A pleasant attribute of both literature, humor, and cartoons is the ambiguity which allows for multiple interpretations that fits the reader’s world view. I am sure that I am often guilty of over interpreting Bell’s work to fit my jaded point of view. Specifically here, some feel that gay guys are more promiscuous compared, of course, to heterosexual relationships. So it would follow that two guys would be much more likely to untie the knot than their male-female counterparts. I doubt if Keith was trying to convey this, but it is a plausible conclusion contained in his rendering of this particular cartoon.

To all the educators that follow this blog, if one chooses to associate parentheses with the last word in a sentence, is there a sensible convention that punctuation experts use to determine if the period belongs after the last word OR after the parenthetical info? It feels right to me to place period after the parentheses since it adds meaning to the last word.

Finally, I missed quite a few issues(there is that word issue again!) of the newspaper. Did the paper print a cartoon dealing with how the Confederate Flag was blamed as the symbol that induced the racial terrorist to kill all those poor people in the Black Church in Charleston?

Good news for Lawyers or gay couples?
Good news for Lawyers or gay couples?

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  1. Lauren Martin, writing for elite daily, speaks the truth when she declares that men are statistically incapable of sustaining a marriage prior to age 30. There is that damn word again statistics. I sure wish she had not invoked its adverbial form!

    I think a Pew Pole also statistically established that no woman AT ANY AGE is capable of speaking about anything directly and that their best orgasms are induced by battery powered devices.

  2. It’s not like Lauren to lean to heavily on statistics. She usually writes more logically and about more substantive topics rather than making blank generalizations about males.

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