A link between Thanksgiving and Melancholy


Why does melancholy and depression always accompany Thanksgiving in the United States? The Pilgrims and the Wampanoags were Way too busy finding food and  building warm shelter to get depressed. Most citizens of the USA have warm housing and plenty of food to go around but are stuck with a lot of time and nothing to do which is the devil’s workshop.

Thanksgiving an intimate, loving time for healthy relationships is often a reminder of  failed marriages and nasty divorces. Dysfunctional families and spoiled children can get worse before they get better during extended holidays.

This all somehow reminds me of the depressing character Claire played by
CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG(or was it Kirsten Dunst Who played Justine) in Melancholia. Her despondency was manifest when she had sex with a guy in a sand trap on a golf course during her wedding celebration. She was on top during the coitus with this man who was not her newly wed husband. When her husband confronted her, she could offer no more than “well what did you expect?”

I am certain that LARS VON TRIER who created and directed the movie Melancholia has lived through depression much more acute and debilitating than the holiday blues many of us experience. How else could he have produced a movie with scenes that overtly portray characters mired in wretched, mind-twisting depression? Perhaps his gloomy cinematography is a release and buoy for his own gripping depressions?


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