Local Cartoonist pokes fun at The New Normal


Keith Bell has more fans in Roswell than enemies. His detractors just cry really hard every time he produces a cartoon that offends their sensibilities creating the impression that he is strongly disliked in south eastern New Mexico.  The creative cartoonist produces drawings and caricatures that are exceptionally incisive with respect to social commentary dealing with injustice and abuse of power.

I believe Keith’s employer the RDR finally published one of his efforts that is very unlikely to insult a single citizen in the Alien city which is sort of an enclave for ultra conservative types.

Keith’s cartoon in the Saturday paper pokes fun at Bruce Jenner(Caitlyn who talks like a man and had enough quality sperm for many healthy kids) for coming out as a woman and Rachel Dolezal-the former white Spokane NAACP president for foisting herself off as black.(at least Rachel’s ethnic transformation was consistent with her occupation)

The other character in Bell’s cartoon declares he is a conservative Christian and is jeered for being a sicko or a freak. I suspect some of the RDR Cartoonist’s most harsh critics will lighten up a little on him if they happen to open up the newspaper today.

Anybody who has read any of Russell A Scott’s gay bashing letters to editor may understand why some people have mild contempt for conservative Christians, but Keith’s cartoon titled The New Normal, as usual, makes a meaningful point.


Who in Roswell could possibly find offense with this Keith Bell Cartoon?
Who in Roswell could possibly find offense with this Keith Bell Cartoon?



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  1. Some of The biggest supporters of Keith Bell are hard working Roswell citizens like Kimberly Pereyra and Jeff Capps. Capps is the only honest car salesman I have ever come across and will work his ass off to get you a good deal at Krumland Toyota.

    I think the part of the population that dislikes him are mainly retired types, not working stiffs who are most affected by stupid laws and other ridiculous government policy

  2. Billy, the hard working citizens of Roswell are who I draw these cartoons for. (Note to all you educators on this blog: I know I ended that sentence with a preposition, but we’re just talking here.) I hope I meet Ms. Pereyra and Mr. Capps (is this “Hub” Capps?) one day. Thanks for reading the cartoons.

    1. Yes sir. Same guy that got me and my wife a great deal at Roswell Toyota which is quite uplifting in a country where 9 out of 10 car salesman will lie straight to your face and steal your hard earned paycheck

    2. Keith, my apologies in advance, but it should be Billy, it is the hard working citizens of Roswell for whom I draw the cartoons. Can you believe there are people at ENMU who make 55 Grand a year teaching that this way “sounds more intelligent” in their fine pedantic style 🙂

  3. Jackson, of course you’re right. A great ENMU-R instructor (whose son is a successful attorney here in town) taught me that one should have both a writing voice and a speaking voice, to avoid sounding pretentious. And I should get points for knowing the difference between whose and who’s. No? Oh, well….

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