Luddite Shift in Alien City


The water bills in Roswell NM USA will be increasing due to the installation of high tech digital water meters that will wirelessly transmit water usage data to the city. The 50 year old mechanical meters apparently have been measuring a smaller volume of H2O than was actually being consumed by Roswellites. This means, of course, that customers have been under charged all these years!

A significant user friendly feature is that residents and businesses will be able to see to the minute their consumption of the precious fluid New Mexico fights with Texas over. This will help to determine if you have a leak before you have flooded the neighborhood and racked up astronomical water bill.

The losers here appear to be the meter readers whose function will be rendered obsolete. As the RDR article below indicates, the brighter meter readers will be transitioned and trained in other capacities and NOT be laid off from their stable city jobs.

Finally, some concern here about how it is easy to alter digitally transmitted data. Some third party verification may be necessary in this poor town located in the high desert.


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  1. Quality reporter Jeff Tucker writes about water pressure issues associated with Berrendo cooperative water users. Manager Linda Livingston reported water users south of Roswell have reported water outages. Some users thought cooperative was shutting down water pumps for maintenance purposes.

    A 9 mile water line of 12 inch pipe looping around city will soon be completed. The 1600 member cooperative receives a lot of money from USDA

    1. Your quality reporter hates NMMI. Which institute employee leaked email about former cadet racing through the box trying to impress two teeny boppers in Daddy’s Lexus SUV? Sad thing is it will go off his criminal record when delinquent is 18 years old!!

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