Lugies and the Law


This RDR cartoon references the nasty incident involving Sonic employee Isaac Briseno who was pissed off at RPD officer Chris Moreno for a previous arrest according to  Moreno.

Roswell citizens not familiar with the drink spitting event that took place at a Roswell,NM Sonic, might be quite offended at this cartoon that depicts spit all over a police officer badge. Without context here and just a cursory glance at Keith Bell’s drawing, a portrayal of extreme disrespect for police is being possibly conveyed here. In fact, this  is one of the reasons Keith takes a lot of heat state wide for his cartoons. Folks make snap, knee jerk, judgements on his work because they don’t go to the trouble to become familiar with every day life in Alien City. Recall the Larry Bird street sign cartoon that agitated so many.

In what is now considered the “official truth” on this matter(the matter being saliva and mucous),  Officer Moreno spit in his own drink and then reported that the Sonic employee was responsible for the disease spreading lugie(composed of human saliva and mucous-nice working definition of a lugie that gross bully tactic you dreaded in middle school) in the cop’s drink. In this day of DNA testing, one easily concludes that Moreno could not be too intelligent or maybe he was betting something this coarse would never make it to the forensic stage of an investigation.

I do believe that this was the actions of one “I have had enough of this crap” underpaid police officer. Policeman have to put up with all kinds of subtle to direct abuse from the people they pull over(Read this piece about Deputy Paul Schene for more insight), especially in this era of police scrutiny based on all the unarmed Black men being gunned down. I believe most law enforcers try to do the right thing without any corruption.

Corruption is present in all institutions and the spit on the badge might send a message that the entire Roswell police department is corrupt. I doubt that the affable cartoonist meant this, but just endeavoring to be that fair balancing force. The risk of being misinterpreted is an occupational hazard of a cartoonist and Bell proudly takes on that challenge.


Police officer accused of framing Sonic employee by making it appear employee spit in his drink
Police officer accused of framing Sonic employee by making it appear employee spit in his drink

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  1. Pema_Jampa Writing for cafemom composed an excellent account of vindictive police officer spitting in his own beverage and telling his coworkers that Briseno did it. You should use this sexy taco to write content for you! I do think she is too hard on cops when she says most cops do not have empathy and morality for those they serve.

    1. This writer for cafemom appears to have copied an article written by Caitlin Cruz about a meth addict in Waco TX who had a loaded handgun in her vagina. Hell that scene never even played out in Breaking Bad!

  2. Anybody know why FBI character on Bones calls academics who assist them squints? Also, I like the usage of term soaker for a decedent found in water and crispy critter for burn victim.

  3. Neil Binderman was a promising graduate from the Hobbs NM Law Enforcement Agency until he was charged with insubordination for wanting to destroy drug paraphernalia. Neil though he was protected by Whistle blower act, but was demoted from detective to night shift. He was also pissed off when police chief Phil smith offered him position as school resource officer.

    1. Neil is a highly principled man doing what he thinks is right. He answers to a higher power.

      We had some neighbors who were stealing electricity from Xcel. Neil an officer at RPD was the man in blue who exposed the illegal power tap in the 1700 block of North Michigan Avenue. He contacted Xcel Energy who verified someone had fixed an illegal power tap. This was like the fifth time that
      Matthew Artiaga and Ashley Griffin had been caught and they were finally arrested and charged with theft of city services. Both of the punks were on parole. Neil is good cop!

      1. Thanks to Shulamit Rymberg, who must be living on a fixed income, for publicizing the excessive Excel rate increases. He compared the electricity suppliers rate hikes to loan sharks and usury.

        1. I believe Shulamit is a psychotherapist. Psychological care providers are notorious for overbilling in fields such as
          Couples Therapy
          Family Psychotherapy
          Grief Therapy
          Group Psychotherapy
          Marital Counseling
          Marital Therapy
          Psychological Testing

          So I can see why Rymberg would be so sensitive to perceived overbilling by Excel. Takes one to know one.

  4. Roswell Police Dept. has to be embarrassed over Lubbock TX resident Clayton Pesek breaking into their evidence bay and taking property from his vehicle that had been impounded there! Happened during daylight hours.

    Sergeant Aldana reported The Texas tech fan was apprehended at Crane Motel with crystalline substance. Hmmm meth users do things like that.

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