Meth Addiction: One Cruel Master


Cody Towler was addicted to meth. His mother plans on suing the Roswell Police Department after Cody died in police custody. I guess she may have already used up a lot of money for rehab treatment on her 34 year old that apparently never grew up. So she could use the money she might win in a lawsuit. Mom also seems to have a sympathizer in RDR crime reporter Jessica Palmer whose article suggested police brutality might be why her addict son passed so suddenly.

Every mother loves their son, but Cody Towler was beating on trashcans with a baton and yelling “let her out” at the top of his lungs at 2 am one Saturday morning. One of many alarmed residents in the 1600 block of South Union called the police. According to Sabrina Morales, RPD spokeswoman, Towler repeatedly resisted arrest. The arresting officers, ┬áDylan Thomas and J. Kelton, eventually subdued him at which point he collapsed and died. Sure I am leaving out many details like the boot prints found on his body that got there by the officers trying to hold him down.

Medical reports revealed that Cody Towler’s coronary arteries were already restricted by 75%. Along with Tasing and extreme physical exertion, Towler probably died of a heart attack. Cody was likely an addict to multiple substances and evidently already in poor health.

Mayor Del Jurney, justifiably, stands behind the actions of his police officers. Cody Towler’s mother should be more accountable. Perhaps her son’s addictive tendencies come from her side of the family. It is also possible that she was an exceptional mother, but Cody just turned out bad. If she wants to to sue the RPD, then fine but she needs to be ready for a frivolous lawsuit action against herself. All these lawsuits are already making law enforcement personnel afraid to do their job. People sometimes die because of their own account and actions. That is what happened with Cody. RIP

It is quite absurd to expect police officers to be model citizens when a psychotic addict is screaming and spitting while resisting arrest. Homicide just means death at the hands of another human being, but the physical condition of the decedent has to be weighed before prosecuting the RPD officers who were serving and protecting a city block in Roswell,NM.

Finally lawyer Kenneth Egan of Las Cruces, one of the families attorney, claims that Cody was beaten by police officers after he was in shackles. The counselor is reaching for straws and will not be able to prove the unprovable.


Meth Head Dies in Police Custody
Meth Head Dies in Police Custody

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  1. Ask Lois Marino if the action of Roswell police officers was unjustified. She said Towler was vociferous and out of control prompting multiple alarmed residents to call in fearing for their lives. Scherrie Towler should just admit her son provoked the end of his life. Lauren Hansard did great job covering story.

    Reported on 11-19, by da janetta hicks, Hicks cited Towler’s ongoing medical problems, including depression, high blood pressure and seizures and near toxic levels of methamphetamines in the blood at the time of the custody as contributing factors in the death.

    An autopsy report said officers used three stun guns in an attempt to subdue Towler. He had scrapes and bruises on his face, right arm, left hand and legs and some bleeding around his brain.

    1. Why did it take Sooooo long to clear the good name of former Hobbs News-Sun reporter Beth Hahn? Beth is now a police officer in Artesia who shot and killed a violent meth addict. Alarmed residents at West Runyan avenue and sixth street were thankful Baca and Hahn slaughtered Duran like the animal he was. Nobody has time to be compassionate and wonder if Juan Reynaldo Duran was sexually assaulted by his father or had terrible childhood.That is exactly like the kind of bleeding hearts who lost the general election to THE DONALD. Idiots like Meryl Streep, Madonna, and that shit for brains country singer would jump all over the two officers for not taking the time to counsel the murderer.

  2. Dawn Haynes posted on FaceBook that Roswell police officers should be prosecuted for the homicide of Cody Towler. Is this the same Dawn Haynes who is a principal in RISD? Does anybody know who is behind the FB page Pig State News that Dawn Haynes made her comment on? It’s a page that knee jerk excoriates and denounces any shooting by a police officer. I hope somebody breaks into their house and the summoned police officer says sorry I have to let them go if they want because I have no way of restraining them due to all the negative publicity about police shootings.

  3. If I had seen this guy raising hell in the alley, I would have taken his picture and given it to RPD just like I did when I seen this guy shooting up some heroin on the bus in Albuquerque. I even got on TV with Stuart Dyson for that!!

    1. Shut up he didn’t do anything wrong,their was about 5 cops brutally beating him and he didn’t resist arrest he had his earbuds on and couldn’t here anything.and don’t u think 3 tasers is a little to much for just one person,son of Cody Towler.Ethan Towler.

      1. Ethan,
        It is natural for you to defend your father. We understand you loved him, but he was still an out of control, violent addict terrorizing people by screaming like a maniac. I hope you do not follow in his addictive, aggressive ways and have a good life. God Bless.

  4. Eloy Ortega promises to battle meth addiction in Roswell if elected as county commissioner for district 1. Meth addiction will not go away until there are jobs in the region. In fact, Ortega is looking for a job when he takes out an expensive full page ad in RDR whining about losing to Duffy by one vote in last election.

    We plan on moving out of Roswell because employers are NOT hiring and never reply to you when you send in resume and letters of recommendation.

    1. Thanks to Sandi Loomis of Roswell,NM for emphasizing the importance of personal accountability and inviting the lord Jesus Christ into each household. She points out that Eloy Ortega overlooked that in his letter regarding the violent shooting death of one of his relatives.

    2. Eloy Ortega publicized his dream delusion about Main Street flooding near UFO museum. He asked Jesus if he should buy property insurance. It’s clear Eloy is lonely and behaving irrationally. He put his personal phone number in his letter to editor volunteering to fill sand bags. Roswell if full of this type of ignorance. Floods are real and will happen whether the human animal has fake conversations with perceived supernatural beings or not.

  5. You people should not judge. After all none of you are God. But it’s funny that you judge people you probably don’t know as if you were. Hate to tell you but passing judgements doesn’t make any one of you a God fearing person. It makes you a sinner. Remember your ten commandments.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Ask all the scared shitless residents in the 1600 Block of South Union if they “judged” the meth addict as he was banging on trash cans and screaming at the top of his lungs. I am sorry if you were close to him, but he chose substance abuse which impaired his judgement severely.

      The problem with a lot of you Bible people is that everything is OK and everyone should be forgiven even if they were to rape your little sister. I just hope it does not take such a horrific event to open your eyes!

      1. First off I am a recovering method additc, and you can kiss my ass. Cody Towler was a good man and his family are goodoing people. I’m not a bible person, I am a human . And I hope one day you meet the same type of officer that aided in cody’s death, and you receive the same treatment as he.

        1. Cody may have been a good man when he was not stoned and yelling at the top of his lungs in the middle of the night in dark alleys. He did NOT cooperate with police officers and screamed at them in a threatening fashion. I am guessing you have an EBT card and expect the government to take care of you since you can NOT hold down a steady job due to your addictive personality? Working NON addicts pay for people like you and Cody to get over your addictions and unaccountable behavior. We get tired of you spending our money because you can NOT face life head on!

  6. The magnitude of the meth addiction problem in Roswell was made strikingly evident in RDR article where 69 year old man named Richard Escobar was found in possession of 312 grams of methamphetamine valued at 18 K. The senior citizen who has been on the planet for almost 70 trips around the sun admitted his intent was to sell/distribute the dope

  7. Your boy Del Jurney is running for Mayor again! I don’t know how the hell Kintigh won the last mayoral election, but Del should kick his ass if everybody who says they are going to vote for him, drag their tired fat asses out on election day!

    Jurney is not afraid to let the police force do their jobs, like locking up that punk who was arrested for his second DWI offense named Israel Leon Junior of Mesilla Park, NM. That boy was making sure everybody could see his completely tatoo covered neck in newspaper police blotter. Del backs Chaves County Sheriffs Dept who sometimes has no choice but to do the dirty work with some of these hopeless addicts!

    1. Homes for Heroes is working to find homes for war veterans who are being ignored by government. Del Jurney got a free photo op from RDR which gave some publicity for his planned mayoral campaign.Jim Cassidy also assisted recently to help move a veteran into a home more related to his needs.

      1. Hi June,

        Did you also notice that Natasha Mackey our first African-American mayoral candidate ever, is blazing the campaign trails?

        Mackey says she wants to serve as mayor to inject new political blood into our stale white man ruled community. She also wants to make Roswell safer and stimulate business!

        I know that I will vote for our first African American elected to the Roswell City Council. Keep up the good work at NMMI. I don’t agree with how the superintendent destroyed the Alumini Association. How about you?

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