Michelle: Votes Matter More


Viewers of the Oprah Winfrey farewell special listened to Michelle Obama repeat the phrase Words Matter a double digit number of times. The articulate and intelligent First Lady was talking about video of Trump saying he could grab any woman by the pussy If he so chose as though it was a privilege of billionaires.

But, then there followed a significant exaggeration that failed to dupe American voters. Michelle equated sexual assault with a powerful man talking about groping women. All the maudlin facial expressions, about no longer having hope after the decisive electoral college defeat your party’s weak candidate suffered, elicited no sympathy from the right after 8 ineffective years.

The voters did not fall for any of the celebrity endorsements nor did it matter that outgoing first family campaigned vigorously for squeaking Clinton machine that now needs an overhaul it will never find.


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    1. I am sure letter to editor writer Kevin Moore of Roswell New Mexico would concur. Enough already indeed Kevin. Syndicated liberal columnist are punks and sore losers. It is pathetic how elementary and middle school kids are given safe space because their spoiled liberal mommy and daddies have rubbed off on them. The little programmed rug rats are in shock that Hillary lost while having no idea how little she cares about them! At least RDR is fair about giving the conservative voice print space. Abalos is hypercriticized here. He is very liberal, BUT is civil and informed in his reportage and opinions.

      1. To all the liberal entertainers who are snubbing the presidential inauguration, bill o’reilly will gen enough bad publicity to make you wish you had? How about the female member of Mormon tabernacle choir who refuses to sing at inauguration? You entertainment prostitutes will lose a HUGE number of conservative fans if you keep behaving like spoiled scared beeeatches!!
        AT LEAST we know who Eminem voted for.

      2. Thank you Rita Cheng for standing up to those spoiled rotten liberal punk students at northern Arizona University who think school president should provide then with safe space because their party got DOMINATED in general election and their delusional world collapsed all around them.

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