Money from heaven will be the path to Hell?


Marc Faber, Peter Schiff, Donald Trump, and Robert Wiedemer have not declared this as eloquently as the post title indicates, but they all BELIEVE it. The money from heaven is what the United States owes to China. The path to hell will be when we can not honor our debt to the Occidentals! The money from heaven is also connected to fed chairman Bernanke’s irresponsible monetary policy and unawareness of long term effects of his prime interest rate decisions/influence.

Fed chairman Bernanke has been openly criticized by Wiedemer whose views are extreme doomsday in nature. Wiedemer’s economic predictions are so gloomy that if even one fourth came true, the USA would plunge onto its most abject depression in history.

One sector of the USA populace that could get hurt by the current over borrowing trends of  the Obama administration  is first time home owners who could end up stuck with a home they paid $300,000 for, BUT will drop in value to $150,000!

Can you imagine how depressing and stressful it would be to owe twice as much as your home is worth? Many Americans have already lived this nightmare.




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