My Geico Auto Insurance Cancellation notice….I mean bill


I am not sure why I am always late paying my Geico auto insurance bill. That is why they have been sending me cancellation notices for nonpayment of premiums for around the last two years. Geico clearly points out in bold letters that your last full day of coverage is the day before the cancellation date. I had been a little stressed about being harassed by a predatory lender who changed interest rate on my daughter’s loan without notice and you know how Dad is stressed whenever his baby girl is freaking out about finances.

As you can see in the cancellation notice below, the date of the snail mail is May 20th. However the car insurance cancellation will only be effected on  June 3.

So I have developed this very indolent irresponsible habit of not paying Geico until I receive a cancellation notice.  It is very little cost to them to transmit the insurance cancellation notice and I always pay them on the date I receive it.

I monitor my credit histories and credit score online with Equifax, and Nothing adverse  has ever been reported to any of the three credit bureaus by Geico. They have mastered economy of scale perhaps more than any other enterprise on the planet and they do not seem to care if you are significantly late paying your premiums as long as you eventually send them the payment in full.

Finally, I should feel extremely guilty for being even a day late paying them considering how well they treated one of my closest relatives. However, one still has to be cautious when dealing with insurance agents who try too hard sell you by making you feel guilty for not taking care of your family as well as you should.

Geico Cancellation Notice for Auto Insurance
Geico Cancellation Notice for Auto Insurance

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  1. We get the same cancellation letter from the address One GEICO Plaza Bethesda, MD 20810- 0001 which is the same snail mail address you send or submit your written cancellation notice to them.

    They send it routinely since it does not cost anything to email eliminating the human resources necessary to collect otherwise. You get around 15 days to pay it off after you get cancellation notice. I am embarrassed to admit as an insurance adjuster that I slack on my Geico payment if me and the wife are strapped for cash!

  2. Ken Brock, of Grist & Brock LLP helped me and a buddy get a decent settlement for our wrongful termination by GEICO in Macon, Georgia. We were not trained properly and fired by inept HR department. It took some time, but we got enough cash to live comfortably for 3 years without working. Entire Human Resources group was fired as well as the immediate supervisor who fired us!!

  3. Thank you much Geico for not canceling our car and home insurance. Illness and job loss has devastated our family and You never faltered why we were getting back on our feet. Thanks to the writer for letting world know that all insurance companies are not cold and impersonal.

  4. People should pay their damn bills ASAP instead of playing games waiting for due dates, cancellation notices, and threats of penalty. Get a life, people!

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