Naming Some of the Pillars


The Roswell Daily Record has withstood much criticism for its liberal slant, some just but most unjust and inaccurate.  The RDR editorial column is substantive improvement compared to the output of previous newspaper ownership.

The Sunday July 17 editorial focused on stalwarts or pillars of our high desert community.  I like this given the high incidence of shootings and road rage fights like the two guys getting out of their cars around Hobbs and Main.

Martha Murphy passed away after her family gave our city Murphy Express gas station,  Splash Pad, and Assurance Home. And a minor correction, they do have their name on a public facility if you consider a gasoline station a public facility. The article mentions that Roswell is loaded with pillars and that Murphy, Delores Castillo, Florencio  Salas and many other non-publicized stalwarts  help make our assembly of desert rats tick!

On the topic of people who make a positive difference, the Millennial Voice Column typically welcoming the input of High School age writers, is another worthwhile usage of print space in the RDR. Tykya Waldrop, an incoming sophomore to Goddard High, produced an exceptionally comprehensive list of summer activities for a young lady who has not set foot in a Goddard classroom. She introspectively mentions the (work hard)/(look forward to next break) cycle that is an essential element of the human condition for kids and adults. Sort of related to the Myth of Sisyphus, but that is another article.  Thank you Tykya for knowing more about our city than 80% of its residents!


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  1. Good article by the young Goddard High School writer, but we also can not turn the other cheek to the slime that inhabits our city like Daniel O. Castillo who was arrested for two separate charges of shoplifting in the same day!! He lives in the bad part of town in 1600 block of East Bland. He shoved a clerk at the dollar store who had noticed him stealing items off shelf and concealing within his clothing.

    Amber D. Rials caught shoplifting at Target or Home Depot. She does it all the time, just happened to get caught this time. I think Amber is seeking the services of petty larceny attorney JB Umphrey. However, an old bud of mine said the dude cheated way through law school. I guess it does not matter if he he can get Amber off.

  2. Not sure who has less character and integrity: Adam Schiff or LaVar Ball. LaVar Ball Told media that shoplifting is not really even a crime after the disrespectful UCLA basketball players were caught stealing merchandise is China. Those negros should have been incarcerated for around 6 months. Trump should never have pushed for their release. Donald is getting soft but I am still glad I voted for him!

    LaVar Ball Was thief in high school. Apple does not fall far from the tree. Blacks steal more than white people.

    Congressman Adam Schiff’s wife Eve can tell you all about SMALL.

    1. Datone Wayne Jones defensive lineman Dallas Cowboys played college football at UCLA. They just caught him holding against New York Giants in a crowd of lineman. 90% of all black football players shoplift and don’t think it is wrong. Jones penalty allowed giants to get a touchdown. Jones cheats on field just like his fellow UCLA teammates STEAL off the field.

      1. A guy on Facebook named Alek Hader seemed sadistically happy that Carson Wentz had succumbed to season ending injury. Plainview New England should be ashamed. Cheering for an injury is a sign of deep seeded emotional problems. Get help Alex.

      2. Jerry Jones needs to cut Dez Bryant. He was crying like a baby girl on sidelines cuz they were not involving him in offense. They throw it to him then he fumbles and he was whining on sidelines again.

        He is no longer an impact player. He hurts team and should be replaced. He may have cost the Cowboys a trip to playoffs if they lose to Seattle today.

    2. Shoplifter Sirron Johnson of Roswell NM USA is a disciple of Papa Ball. Sirron,with 16 warrants outstanding, was caught after fleeing to 2300 block of Salee Loop. He was smiling from ear to ear in his newspaper mug shot!

      BTW, the American Airline flight to Phoenix has some overly sensitive flight attendants. They serve booze and should understand the resulting behavior changes.

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