Nancy Pelosi’s Sinking Ship


Ask Australian writer Debra Killalea what she thinks about the comments of Mika Brzezinski other than it might stimulate the growth of those who read her articles. Americans know that the liberal democratic party was in such extreme disfavor, that charges of female degradation, fraudulent Trump University promotions, and telling reporters to shut up did NOT prevent him from being legally elected as USA President.

What is known to be factual is that Mika Brzezinski, who shockingly has some support amont intelligent Americans, stated on national TV that  Nothing makes a man feel better than making a fake cover of a magazine about himself, lying every day and destroying the country.  Did Mika Brzezinski mean this makes all men feel better?!

Oh well, not much else should be needed to discredit Mika Brzezinski. If she will keep opening her mouth for another couple of weeks,  her demise as a television personality will be complete without the right needing to lift a finger.


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