NEEDED: Space at Local Cemetery


The spate of violent gunfire deaths in Roswell,NM is the sobering point of Sunday’s cartoon in the newspaper. Wade Whitman was gunned down recently by a dealer when he was trying to score some grass as was Dominik Finch outside his residence recently where motive for murder has yet to be established even though probation violator Steven Wayne Johnson is listed as a suspect.

The South Park Cemetery cartoon caption is “Fastest growing community in Chaves County” or put more bluntly the population of stiffs is increasing evermore rapidly! Such is the mindset of a creative cartoonist, linking things that many may not think of to current issues in the city and nation wide.

To paraphrase a well known quote about music: Music conveys what can not be spoken. Keith Bell’s cartoon’s have a similar essence in that they convey troubling concerns that can be better captured via a drawing than long winded articles by Christian lawyers or commentators.

I have noticed that being a burial plot dealer is sort of hot business these days. To all you vultures who make your living this way, Roswell is 70 miles east of ski resort town and also has relatively easy car access to Colorado.South Park Cemetery fastest growing area in Roswell,NM

South Park Cemetery fastest growing area in Roswell,NM



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  1. Toby Martinez produced photograph relating to a street crimes shootout at Taco Bell in Roswell NM. RPD narcotics officer was shot and is recovering connected to a drug bust gone very bad. Suspect was shot dead in Taco Bell parking lot.

  2. Joshua Fechter wrote a post at mySA(my San Antonio) stating that hundreds claimed Keith Bell is racist on the the Larry Bird cartoon he did with Martin Luther King signage. Joshua Fechter did not support his claim that hundreds were offended by Bell’s work. Those who may have been pissed off at the cartoon are the oversensitive Hispanics who drive around their Hood with the music blaring who have grown up in generation after generation of food stamp, expecting help from the government lazy families.

    The USA should deport you punks rather than the undocumented workers who actually work for a living.

  3. The state capital outlay bill made it through legilature allocating $150,000 for road improvements at South Park cemetery. That sounds a little stiff. Don’t pardon the pun. It’s not like dead people notice roads in disrepair. Spend the money on the needs of the people above ground and breathing in the name of Christ! Start with clamping down on meth addiction or increasing the pay of our firemen.

  4. Thank you to cemetery superintendent Ruben Esquivel who maintains the hallowed grounds containing the remains of our loved ones and drug dealers who were not careful enough. The aspiring arborist takes care of our precious camposanto. He has been recognized by director of admin Keller TX native Jonathan Phillips and Jim Burress who are proud the cemetery is profit center for city. Memory lawn memorial park on east 19th is sill functioning despite issues regarding upkeep an maintenance.

  5. One big reason to vote for former Mayor Del Jurney is that HE SUPPORTS OUR DISRESPECTED AND UNDERPAID ROSWELL POLICE DEPARTMENT. Kintigh micromanages them to death because he can not get over his FBI power trips and wants to stay in POWER!

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