NM-West Texas Water Wars Imminent


Just read the editorial by Barbara Beck of the Roswell Daily Record titled Area blessed with ample water supply. Our highly esteemed editor seems to believe God had something to do with a water supply that could support a population of 300,000 based on current acre-feet numbers.

Most of NM does not have access to such abundant H2O given the diminishing supply provided by the Ogallala Aquifer. Aron Balok, head honcho of the Pecos Valley Artesian Conservancy District, has intimated concern about the pressure that might be placed on Roswell by West Texas cities such as Odessa and Midland when inevitable water shortages come to pass. I believe Midland has had to ration water in the past. I am not aware if Roswell has ever done the same. I don’t think so.

The editorial compares Roswell’s water surplus to a gold mine and demands we be prudent and efficient stewards of the single most life sustaining substance our planet knows!

However, if the depletion of the Ogallala aquifer continues at its current pace, we may not enjoy the good fortune of being able sell our precious commodity to our less fortunate neighbors. It is more likely to be expropriated from us by force with military intervention likely.

Being blessed with bountiful water and financial gain can not coexist without serious conflict. We should all review water war between Los Angeles and farmers and ranchers in the Owens Valley of Eastern California.

Drought and water shortage was such a pressing issue in Wichita Falls TX that they were blending 5 million gallons a day of treated wastewater into their municipal water system not too long ago.  People who are effectively drinking treated sewer water are obviously not going to react kindly to Rowell’s endeavor to sell them fresh water.


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  1. Do you know that RDR publisher Barbara Beck wrote this? I read an article about the sexy blond newspaper gal from Portland comparing and contrasting life in the big city versus small town living.She points out health care is a concern in small towns with a paucity of qualified doctors. She politely references the gossipy side of small town USA which is partially offset with the “I have got your back” mentality of ones friends. OK single guys on valentine’s day!……Barbara dropped a serious hint that she is single while lamenting “dating options in Roswell are far more limited” Also, I read somewhere on this blog that she fired Keith Bell the guy who used to do the cartoons that some loved and some hated. Does anybody know if that is true?

    1. Larry and Joyce Newsom probably have a son about the age of Barbara Beck. They wrote letter to editor threatening to cancel subscription to newspaper if the liberal rubbish continues unabated. They were pissed off that cartoon was published blaming Bush for 9-11. Do you think they would let their son date Barbara? In old days liberal conservative interplay and debate was healthy. Now it is downright nasty.

      The Newsomes threatening to cancel their subscription is really quite pitiful.The RDR makes more advertising revenue off Krumland Toyota alone than all circulation or newspaper delivery routes combined. Why do you think you never even hear a hint of criticism regarding Tom Krumland who is far from spotless?

      1. Looks like Barbara Beck inserted anti Trump piece into RDR penned initially in Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. The column indicates America will turn into another Atlantic City New Jersey with all its urban decay, political and police corruption, blah blah. News for Barb and the fools who gave her the reins in a conservative town: hundreds of cities across our nation have the same problems without Trumpian influence. Move to a city who wants you before Trump gets elected and your life in Roswell becomes more scrutinized. Your views are not appreciated by THE ESTABLISHMENT.

        1. Beck claims that RISD Information services director Royce Bragg idea of sending out questionnaire to parents to bridge communication gaps between parents and teachers and admins will fix some of RISD’s dysfunction. Brilliant idea, we all know each and every overworked and stressed out parent will respond to questionnaire in timely fashion solving all truancy and social promotion issues in a timely fashion. Why didn’t superintendent think of this rather than being “rescued” by director of technology who we all know has remarkable insight into parent teacher relations.

          1. Extreme liberal Roswell Daily record publisher Barbara Beck is now trying to fit in with her ultra conservative readership by feigning expertise in the Canine malady distemper. She must believe all the dog loving rednecks here are stupid enough to believe she is sincere. I am betting she never wrote a word about dogs when she She did cite her sources as Dr Deb Ward, animal control commander Tom Moody, David Allen, Sergeant Hart, veterinarian Craig Walker.

            A Barbara Beck working at KTLA in Portland abruptly left her position as a TV anchor when she could not get along with staff and station management. Her colleague Carlos Amezcua was distraught over her departure, but ultimately sided with his employer.

  2. Thank AP writer Susan Montoya Bryan for pointing out the unfair lower Rio Grande water usage where 87% of the clear liquid is being used to irrigate chile, onions,pecans,and other crops. Using water in excess of aquifer recharge rates is irresponsible stewardship!

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