Non-Employee based Sexual Harrassment


The scene you see in the Kantola workplace sexual Harrassment video  is the all too common break room interactions between horny young males drooling over female employees who have zero interest in their awkward advances.

The big difference here is the immature oversexed males are vending machine maintenance technicians providing service for the hospital the objects of their desire are employed by. The women exiting the break room, enduring catcalls and marginally lewd comments, appear to be nurses not at all interested in hooking up with the coarsely mannered vending machine specialists.

Non employee sexual harassment not welcomed by these attractive nurses
Non employee sexual harassment not welcomed by these attractive nurses

The two young men made the female medical professionals feel uncomfortable with their verbal, visual, and physical gestures. The physical gesture was the Michael Jordan wagging tongue which was meant to evoke the female fantasy of toe bending cunninglingus.

The two nurses left the break room and told a hospital boss about the unwanted advances initiated by individuals who were not employed by the hospital. A supervisor returned to break room warning the unsavory rascals that legal action against them or their employer could be filed or he could also demand they be immediately suspended by their employer. They became quite pale apologizing profusely promising to be more professional and gentlemanly on their next service call.

The point of the compulsory sexual Harrassment video was that employees have equal legal protection whether it is an employee or an outsider that is committing the offensive actions.

On the other side of this sexual harassment coin was the instance of a train being pulled on a female intern on an operating table by 3 male orderlies where her three consecutive  climaxes were recorded by a 24 hour sound recorder. Security staff, listening to the recording, confused the intensity of her orgasmic screams with an assault in or nearby the operating room.  It took over a week for security to pry the information from an embarrassed 23 year old well built blond whose parents had an open marriage with wife swapping once a month.


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