Old Ladies and Joints


Double entendre is the basis of a large of amount of the humor that passes before us. I think it is French essentially for double meaning or a word or phrase which has at least two interpretations, one of which is usually risqué,indecent,coarse, callous, or offensive.

That word in the RDR cartoon a few days back was joint which is getting a lot of air time nationwide and in Roswell with the availability of the former Nature’s Dairy building.

The two usages were bone joints(Knees, Ankles, Elbows) and the Mary Jane joint whose distribution and use gets people in trouble with the law in most  of the States in our disharmonious Union.

The cute play on words credited to Keith Bell were the twin captions uttered by grandmotherly figures: “I’ve got chronic pain in my joints” and “I’ve got the chronic joints(marijuana) for my pain”.

If Keith is not an English Teacher, then he could be one because by reversing the order of a couple of nouns in the aforementioned, he produced a laughter inducing  drawing that bears heavily on a very topical concern of all three generations. Old folks want grass to be legal in order to assuage physical joint pain. Middle aged parents could use a few hits to avoid nervous breakdown during child rearing years. Teens want it to be legal so parents will not have to bail them out of jail or pay a fine.

What kinda joints are these grandmas talking about
What kinda joints are these grandmas talking about

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    1. Shelly Currier(related to Chaves county judge??) calls out Lee B. Sides for irresponsibly downplaying the harmful effects of cannabis. Pot is known to sometimes cause sterility in males, birth defects during pregnancy and other abnormalities as detailed by the American Psychological Associstion. I know Sides will win the votes of pot heads Jeff Tucker and Paul Bohde whose friend smoked grass in army mortuary to keep from going crazy. His job was to put body parts back together during Vietnam conflict(not war Paul) and ship them back to bereaved families. A stress inducing and depressing assignment to be sure where smoking pot is to be tolerated.

        1. I wish Craig Abalos would voice his opinion here! He has written some brilliant letters to the editor of the Roswell, NM newspaper ardently supporting the the legalization of medicinal marijuana. He cites the extra revenue and relatively low crime in the great state of Colorado.

      1. What do (Lee Sides, Fred Moran) have in common with Don Determan? NOTHING

        Is the Natasha Mackey Dennis Kintigh acrimony and hatred a black white thing? Racist mayors should not be allowed to hang around

        1. Dude, do not even feel sorry for you man!! Roswell Georgia has a spineless no account mayor named Jere Wood who tried to force the city council to give him approval, as a private citizen, to construct a building on property he owns.

          The Roswell NM mayor may be disliked in some circles, but not enough to call in esteemed litigators like B J Crow or Jones Witt to perform their sometimes dirty deeds.

        2. Gary Hartwick reports more bully, aggressive, and threatening behavior by Mistake, I mean Mayor Kintigh at city council meeting.Dennis Kintigh verbally attacked a disabled man who is living in his car with his wife after their mobile home had been damaged to point of almost being destroyed. Then, inept, boisterous, out of control city leader verbally attacked Tom Jennings. Gary is pissed of about his pet project the Cahoon Pool being shot down, but the Mayor must be impeached immediately!!!

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