Plaintiff calls Defendant a Bitch on Judge Judy


Heidi Lucas of Arroyo Grande, California did honest for hire work for Shirley Spencer including water damage repair and roof repair. She was living in the home that African American Spencer was three mortgage payments behind on. Spencer appears to be another citizen who lives beyond her means and then refuses to move out and live within her means.  Why her home was not foreclosed upon was not disclosed on the court TV program.

Heidi incurred over $14,000 in repair expenses to bring Spencer’s in arrears home up to a more livable status. She had carefully itemized said expenses for an appearance in Judge Judy’s courtroom because Spencer refused to pay her for her work.

Heidi, according to the irascible female judge, had not entered into a proper contract for the services she was rendering for Spencer.  Judge Judy dismissed Heidi’s  claim for the money Spencer appeared to owe her because in the Judge’s small ideal world a legal contract had not been created between the two parties. A verbal contract had been enacted which the obstinate magistrate refused to recognize.

Heidi, who Judy reprimanded for having  her arms crossed, could not conceal her disappointment over the judge’s erroneous ruling calling Spencer a bitch. In the below picture, you can see expletive forming on her sexy lips as Bailiff Byrd approaches her. The guy behind her had his hand over his mouth not believing his ears. Judge Judy is an excellent interpreter of the law in most cases, but blundered  on this one.


You are a bitch in Judge Judy's courtroom
You are a bitch in Judge Judy’s courtroom

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  1. Ted Drummond, a door technician from Pueblo, Colorado, did not want to hear any jokes from Jeff Foxworthy who was attempting to lien on Mr Drummond’s home due to a dispute about stucco work which Foxworthy was not qualified to do. You know you are a redneck when….

  2. Judge Judith sheindlin exhibited callous disregard for the privacy of everybody who loved Christopher Paul Daniel Siebenmorgen of Eldon, Missouri.

    She pronounced his full name so it would display on closed caption and asked if Siebenmorgen had committed suicide. His suicide had no relevance with regard to the mean grandmother who had vendetta against the decedent’s fiancé for not paying for grave marker.

    1. There may have been a connection between this suicide and the self murders of Chester Bennington who was close friends with fellow rocker Chris Cornell, who also committed suicide by hanging. Bennington was so depressed about alcohol and drug addiction that he left 6 dependent children behind.

    2. William Giboyeaux of Houston TX deserved to have his crepe Myrtle Trees cut down for his woefully inadequate misspelling of shape. He wrote in illegible printing cut and stake. He should have just neatly printed trim. His ignorant wife stated she wanted to kill tree trimmer on national TV.

      1. I saw that! Who in the world can’t spell shape! What an idiot!! I actually liked the house without those trees!
        Yeah, the wife saying she wanted to kill the guy, just a figure of speech, I assume. Maybe she should have yelled at her husband for being so dumb! It was his fault the guy cut down the trees, geez!!!!

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