Politician claiming he Spoke to Gunmen Prior to Mass Shooting


The Republican congressman’s account of answering the question of shooter at the charity baseball game between the LEFT and the RIGHT raises many questions about the veracity of his claim.

In a world where trust in politicians is sorely missed, one has to be quite alert regarding the authenticity of the CNN report given by Jeff Duncan of South Carolina. He stated that he likely spoke to the gunman prior to the shooting of Scalise who remains in critical condition. The deceased shooter, according to Duncan, asked Duncan which side of the baseball practice was Dems and which was GOP before opening fire on the RIGHT side. You will have ask Bernie Saunders what he thinks about this one.

The most stimulating part of the shot of the CNN press conference below is the ultra sexy bespectacled reporter sticking her iPhone near Duncans left ear to record his words. Check out the dimple on her chin and those supple red lips!



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  1. If what Phil Montag said about hoping Scalise loses his life at the hands of the assassin is true, then Phil Montag should be expelled from his career as a politician.

    Wouldn’t you just love to see that punk working fast food!

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