Pooping and Advertising


The picture you see is an advertisement that was served at Urban Dictionary when I found out that eschew obfuscation means the same thing as adopt clarity. The prominent feature in this picture is a sexy young girl wearing a skin tight tee-shirt that says I pooped today which is a promotion for a company that sells funny tee-shirts, Hoodies, and Bags. Come to think of it, her facial expression appears to be one of relief….Maybe.

I know the days are long since gone where advertising and commercials were relatively wholesome and informative regarding the product or service being peddled. Also, will the young lady who “sold out” be a one hit wonder or will her career be advanced for her lascivious endeavor to put some money in the bank. I know a girl has to make a living….Just saying. Her faintly scatological promotion could possibly attract a segment of our population that many are not so proud of. Oh well, maybe a lucrative Metamucil poster girl opportunity looms.

Today’s advertising executives are keenly aware of the most important tenet of effective advertising which is get the viewers attention in anyway possible! Also, probably due to the internet, sexual addiction is on the rise(pun intended) and this ad certainly taps into that.

I Pooped today
Girl in skin tight shirt and pants pooped today

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