Psst! Incognito mode (Ctrl+Shit+N) may come in handy next time


OK, we all do it. We all browse on some sort of truth/honesty continuum. The low end of the spectrum is checking up on an old girlfriend or boyfriend even though we are happily married. The high end is the type of pornography that we would not want anybody, AT ALL, to know about.  I am referring to the type of rough heterosexual stuff that turns some people on. The acts that most middle aged males only fantisize about with female college volleyball players scantily clad in super tight spandex shorts.

The developers of the Chrome web browser are keenly in tune with our tendency to get into trouble with our spouse when we are surfing. That is why one of the browser’s options is History. In particular, the Clear browsing data selection gives one to the ability to wipe out or obliterate(Google’s choice of terms) browsing history, download history, delete cookies and other site and plug-in data, and to Empty the cache.

Emptying the cache is a biggie because that picture of a black man with a white woman, you with an elongated object anywhere near a body orifice, or any other Anthony Weiner type of embarrassment could be stored for your spouse to discover. We all deserve to live out our fantasies privately if we are not  harming others, however NOT publicly like this guy that was almost caught doing something VERY inappropriate in a public library.

Internet browsers help the 13 billion dollar porn industry to peddle its wares in a cheap and anonymous way. The Chrome browser helps to make viewing pornography easier to get away with. The browser will even give you a furtive Psst! informing a user that Ctrl+Shift+N key sequence will also destroy any dirty browsing sessions you have initiated. It is called the Incognito mode. Maybe I am wrong about  what I just said. Perhaps incognito hides your IP address. Not sure really.

Antonin Korenek, an excellent Detroit teacher who writes for eHow, could most certainly clear this up. I would also like to know where he got those cool shades.

I know Heather Shockney though she was clever when she wrote that piece for yahoo contributor network. Read her take on Cyberschooling. Quite convincing. One of her children is OCD and struggles with mood swings like about one fourth of the population. Heather apparently chose Cyber-schooling out of love for her kid not trusting our very rickety public school system. Raising a kiddo can be stressful and expensive. Hats off to Ms. Schockney.

If you must, this is how to clear your internet browsing history
If you must, this is how to clear your internet browsing history

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