Psychologist G. Dick Miller Sold Out


The following comment from the web site of Josh Voorhees  summarizes the disdain that most Americans have for quacks like G. Dick Miller:

Meanwhile, in San Diego, a teen of more modest means was sentenced today to six years in state prison after pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter for driving while intoxicated and causing a crash that killed a 22-year-old motorist. Justice is indeed measured by the size of one’s bank account.

I believe Miller’s license to practice psychology should be permanently revoked or suspended and he should be prosecuted as an accomplice to vehicular manslaughter. In case you didn’t know by now, the testimony of G. Dick Miller and his usage of the term Affluenza and the gutless juvenile court judge Jean Boyd, allowed Ethan Couch to be sentenced to only 10 years probation without serving a single day of prison time! Former NYC prosecutor Paul Callan got it right when he declared that some  time in jail tends to cure Affluenza! I really wish Roswell cartoonist Keith Bell had crafted a drawing accentuating the violation of justice that the rich parents of Couch managed to pull off.


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  1. Your ignorance is conspicuous. Rich people and kids have problems just like poor people. Psychologist Miller happens to service that niche of mental problems associated with excessive affluence. A janitor would do anything possible to keep his DUI daughter out of jail too!!

    1. Actually,If “DICK”S (which is what he is) family or kids were the ones killed,the f____hypocrite would do everything in his ability(and inflated checkbook) to seek justice.People are not as stupid as you would like to believe Dawn.They and I know damn well that money was the factor and Dick’s fat financial payment from the parents of the dui kid was all he needed to say what he did instead of doing the right thing.He made an ass out of himself on Anderson Cooper as well.Gutless coward could not even acknowledge that innocent people were killed senselessly,by this POS kid,so stuff your self righteous comment .DICK one day will answer for his lack of responsibility as well,with God.

      1. Brad, I gather that you come from a low income family. You should recognize that many rich kids really don’t know any better because they have been sheltered from reality. They should not be immune from legal prosecution as you mention. Find a little compassion in that hardened heart of yours! Ethan still is young enough to get his life on track and atone for accident.

  2. Dawn, Grow some brains and common sense for crying out loud.Do you know how stupid you sound? Rich kids sheltered from society so that makes it ok to be reckless,irresponsible,and get off clean for committing crimes?Have compassion? You insensitive liberal bleeding hearts forget that there are survivors of these victims that your “poor little rich boy” affected.Try telling THEM that they should be understanding,.No action should be without consequences.Let me REMIND you that even in the bible,GOD showed compassion while never withholding lesson teaching consequences for actions of his people..You people have lost all ability to even think for yourselves.You are so lost.We have all these problems because of no discipline left in families,kids,society.What is wrong with you?

    1. Brad, you are not conducting yourself in a fashion becoming to someone who believes in a benevolent loving God. Apparently you equate lack of intelligence to people who do not share your narrow minded dogmatic views. I will pray for you as I feel you are troubled by something much deeper. Anger permeates your every word. Peace.

      1. Dawn, I concur completely with Brad B. You are living in some ideal fantasy land where drunken killers are not held accountable for their actions. The only thing that might alter your distorted perspective would to be paralyzed from the neck down after being run over by a drunk driver. Of course, I hope that is not what it takes for you to pull your head out of your ass.

  3. I knew G. Dick Miller briefly (two months) when this tragedy of life and justice was unfolding. In my opinion, based on his actions and words during our association I came to think he was one of the weirdest and craziest people I had ever met. I also believe he did what he did for the money and did not believe in what he was doing. The only sincere thing he said to me was that the parents should also be held accountable for facilitating his actions. He ought to be ashamed for helping this young man escape justice.

    1. David,

      Given the nation’s contempt for Miller, let’s not forget the punishment that should be meted in the direction of Judge Jean Hudson Boyd who was complicit allowing Couch to NOT spend a single day in jail for killing 4 people with his vehicle. It’s called vehicular homicide. Ask the dentist in Houston,tx.

      Dr Patricia A Farrell coined the Rich Kids Defense and has a much more playful way of looking at things. I knew her in NYC and she is difference making woman who has helped a lot of people.

      Don’t mistake her for the woman who has been arrested for misdemeanor larceny multiple times. It’s a different Farrell.

  4. Terry R. Koenig, of Lake Arthur a suburb of Roswell,NM, is a member of MADD(Mothers against drunk drivers). She rightfully is pissed off that judges are letting convicted DWI criminals back out on the the street over and over. MADD is getting state money to be present in court when derelict judges let lowlife alcoholics back on the streets rather than suspend their license. The opposition group DAMM(Drunks against Mad Mothers) should get the same amount of tax payer money! I don’t think Mrs Koenig would be surprised at this long list of DWI/DUI charges maintained in comment by Jimmy Edwards that appears in RDR and police blotter.

    1. Terry Koenig would be ecstatic to learn that multiple early election leaks from around the United States Show Donald J Trump WAY Ahead of lying and cheating Hillary!! SEVEN major metro areas early voting results show the GOP presidential candidate decisively leading weak female democratic nominee!!

        1. Charles M. Blow Declared PRESIDENT Trump is a bigot which means 59 MILLION Americans voted for a bigot. Black man Blowhard claims he respects the office of the president but has deep seeded contempt for PRESIDENT Trump. Charles!! Enjoy the next 4 years with GOP president and Republican DOMINATED Congress.

          1. David Leonhardt refuses to acknowledge that Hillary lost the election whining incessantly about about the popular vote. The fact is Hillary is wildly unpopular in rural America where real Americans reside. The worst job in America just ahead of fast food and call centers is David Leonhardt’s, being a liberal newspaper columnist in A REPUBLICAN DOMINATED Government!!

          2. Punk 16 year old kids walk out of class at Albuquerque academy in NM demonstrating complete disrespect for the peaceful transition of power as demanded by the very people who CRUSHED Hillary in a one sided electoral college landslide.

            Nobody respects the opinion of people who still have their laundry done by Mommy or don’t pay bills or rent. The democrats LOST and will have ZERO control for next 8 years!!!! Move out of country if you can’t handle it kids!!!!!! Oh wait you can’t afford that without mommy and daddy’s help.

          3. University of New Mexico student Jon Lofquist cried so hard in his column opposing electoral college that his mommy, who still does his laundry,probably called to comfort him. Jonny boy, the electoral college is in place to avoid candidates campaigning ONLY in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and other major population centers. UNM lobo political scientist department appears to be even weaker than their football team! Also, your opinion means nothing until you pay some bills and get a job in real world. Your corrupt liberal candidate got her ass kicked!! Repeat that to yourself when mommy tucks you in just before the lullaby. 30 states have republican governors, house and senate are bright red Jonny boy. Have a great next 8 years baby face.

          4. Andrea Moore of Roswell New Mexico was elected by one vote to be vice chair second congressional district. This aggressive female trump enthusiast beat Victor contreras by ONE vote leading Las Cruces voters to consider demanding a recount.

            More proof of liberal media distortion on how women hated Our PRESIDENT ELECT

      1. Ultra Right winger Koenig of Lake Arthur NM politely says tough shit to all Obama followers for next 8 years and goes after him for firing conservative professor in Cambridge Massachusetts.

    2. Charles pollard of Paducah Kentucky celebrated the New Year in fine style by getting arrested for aggravated DWI in Roswell NM. His pissed off countenance in his RDR mugshot is consistent with his refusal of BAC sobriety test. I am sure his one phone call from jailhouse was to lawyer Kevin Olsen whose specialty is defending inebriated people who drive.

      Hugo R. Perez from Manor, Texas was arrested in Chaves County for his THIRD DWI offense.

      Ricardo Quinero-Barragan

      Lazaro J Benitez, anselmo macias, Antonio Robles, Tiffany Sutherland

      Mean SOB Charles Bowen Duncan junior, Daniel R Duncan, Veronica Vizcarrando ALL refused BrAC/BAC and are all spoiled alcoholics who play victim card. Lock the PUNKS up for evading police officer and parking on sidewalks

      Fred Montano was smiling. Chris McNeil of Artesia failed to give notice of traffic accident.
      Lorena R. Beltran tried to get away from officer after damaging property. Illegal alien perhaps?

      You irresponsible people keep endangering our city and you will keep seeing your name all over the Internet!!

      Adrian Franco REFUSED BAC 2nd aggravated DWI

      susan S. Buckner Anna Grajeda Chaves County Sheriff’s office

      Rolando G. Lucero racing dangerously on highways while drunk

      UFO enthusiast Quentin Dorian Pogan was combative with arresting officers when he was arrested for driving drunk.

      Elizabeth Nesselrodt, Britanny Michelle Peyton of Roswell NM both allegedly REFUSED Blood alcohol test administered be arresting police officer

      Regina Bejarano, Ricardo Enriquez revoked license, driving without valid drivers license

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