Remember the name Ethan Couch


Remember the name Ethan Couch because last week, 16-year-old Ethan Couch was sentenced to ONLY 10-years probation for killing four people and critically wounding two while drunk driving. Although the prosecution sought prison time, the defense argued that Couch himself was a victim and presented psychologist G. Dick Miller to testify that Couch was suffering from “affluenza” , that he lived such an extravagant, materialistic, consequence-free life that he was unable to understand or control his behavior.

G. Dick Miller is an adult practitioner of the pseudoscience of psychology and has to live with the fact that he helped get somebody off who killed four people by making up the condition called affluenza which is a cross between the word affluent and influenza. Couch’s defense attorney managed to convince a jury that Ethan Couch was the victim, not the people he slaughtered while driving drunk.

What can be done to offset the injustice of Ethan Couch killing 4 people and not serving any jail time? REMEMBER HIS NAME!! Don’t hire Ethan Couch, Don’t let Ethan Couch date your daughter, don’t let him attend your college.

Ethan Couch is proof that justice can be distorted by excessive money and that rich people are often above the law. Until he is punished for his egregious offense, Ethan Couch should not have a peaceful night of rest.

To the rest of you rich parents who think your precious angel Ethan is above the law, the media will be a constant reminder to you and your spoiled child that your parenting skills are weak and substandard.  His life will be miserable due to media scrutiny because of your “act of love”. The really sad part is that it is hard to really fault Ethan. Most of us would end up just like him if we had rich parents who did not teach there are consequences to harmful actions.


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