RISD Social Promotion Indictment


Social promotion has been blamed for many things including being partially responsible for shipping some of America’s jobs overseas. Many elementary schools in the United States are effectively daycare for some of their students with very little real learning or critical thinking taking place.

An exceptionally high number of our youth have been “diagnosed”  with ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ADD, and Asperger’s Syndrome to prop up drug sales for the major pharmaceutical corporations and our doctors have become legal drug pushers for them.

So school districts like the Roswell Independent School District ends up with zombied out, lethargic, unmotivated students parented by people who hate their non-stimulating job to the point some of them try to survive on EBT Cards.

This is our segway into the amusing, yet tragic cartoon drawn by Keith Bell of the RDR. As much as I love Keith, I think he is being a smidgen too harsh on King(Superintendent) Tom Burris of the RISD.

Keith’s cartoon suggests that RISD is not utilizing the money from the 3 mil levy in an effective way. The cute caricature also is critical of RISD teachers for not preparing our kiddos for exams, presumably easy, like the fire department work screening test. Fire Chief Graham is shown telephonically notifying the RISD head honcho that around three fourths of fireman aspirants failed entrance exam. Not sure if Keith factored in possibility of test takes not from Roswell, if there were any?

The cold reality is that dumb, unmotivated parents engender similar progeny and the cycle becomes self-perpetuating. Blaming the schools only is not fair even though they do share in the educational crisis our country is experiencing. A complete overhaul including ripping out administrative fat cats who are living on the taxpayer dole would be a start. The recently laid off Sup of the Albuquerque Independent School comes to mind….

RISD social promotion indictment
RISD social promotion indictment



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  1. Hello, Jackson,
    I have really enjoyed these posts about the cartoons. I’m afraid I have some sad news–the above cartoon is the last one ever to be published in the Roswell Daily Record. If you have been following the news about a new publisher and general manager ousting the former publisher and taking editorial control of the paper, and if you read the candid admissions in the editorial published on A4 Wednesday, September 2 (“RDR’s vision for the future”), then you know the landscape has shifted dramatically at the RDR. Very bluntly, the new management team wants to radically change the newspaper, and through its influence fundamentally transform Roswell politically. Naturally, as a conservative cartoonist with something of a following, I am an impediment to these plans, even while my work for the RDR has been subjected to increasing scrutiny and constraints. You may have noticed recently that some weeks cartoons were missing. They were spiked with no opportunity to replace them with other material. Obviously I didn’t fit in with the new “progressive” philosophy at the paper and on Monday my position with the RDR was abruptly terminated.

    I want to thank you for the extraordinary interest you have taken in these cartoons. Now the process begins to find another venue for my work. Editorial cartoonists know better than most the vicissitudes of the troubled print news industry. Cartoonist are deemed nonessential to a newspaper these days, and the ranks of editorial cartoonists is shrinking. So, we’ll see. It may be that a long-held dream to disseminate my work in another form is at hand, necessity being the mother of invention.

    But I will endeavor to answer some of the questions raised on these threads, if my answers are still pertinent. If a measure of one’s effectiveness is how much one threatens those who do not agree with him, then I have been very effective indeed at my post at the RDR, both internally and externally. For those, like yourself, who have been enthusiastic and supportive about what I was doing at the paper, a million thanks. I had the time of my life, and I hope you had fun, too. It was a good run.

    Thanks once again,
    Keith Bell

    1. Greetings Keith,

      I am well beyond disappointed to be informed your employment with RDR is being severed. As one of your many advocates, I sometimes felt you took unnecessary job threatening risks.

      However, those very risks were what created the ” I can not wait until his next cartoon” appeal! Incomplete information and deadlines are some of the hazards of the masters of your trade. A large fraction of your efforts conveyed the sentiments of Roswell’s conservative nucleus and they will miss you on the same scale as me.

      No effort by the incoming newspaper owner/editors will be able to “fundamentally transform Roswell politically”. I do hope letters to the editor flow in profusely ardently opposing your unjust termination.

      The metric you mentioned about your effectiveness being related to the fashion in which you “politely disagreed” with the views and values of your employer will everlastingly hold you in the high esteem of this writer and many others my friend……..The Keith Bell Tag will live on irrespective of this minor setback!

      1. It finally caught up with Keith Bell. I am surprised it took so long for him to be fired. I knew him before his career with newspaper in Roswell. A nice guy with an edge. You can only offend so many local higher ups before that pink slip is waiting for you. Even though I wish the man a a lot of luck and hope he lands on his feet.

        I agree with the writer of article that Tom Burris inherited a broken school district already overrun by social promotion and high turnover. Bell was right to go after social promotion as a major issue, but to pin it all on Burris was a mistake. He also seemed to have a bone to pick with Leslie Lawner who is probably the best middle school teacher in Roswell. Almost like there was some sort of history between the two.

        1. What is it that caught up with Keith? The fact that his views do not coincide with yours? I now understand better why he made Burris one of the centerpieces of his last cartoon which was the social promotion cartoon. I don’t recall Burris even addressing the problem of social promotion in any of his RDR writings. I would have likely punted rather than produce a cartoon that was derisive towards the RISD superintendent, but certainly understand Keith’s concern for RISD graduates going off to college completely unprepared with their worthless diplomas.

          What makes Burris’ policy difficult to criticize is that, say 25%, of RISD students are ADD, ADHT, Aspergers Syndrome, Autistic or drugged out by some kind of happy pill. Most of these types would flunk out if social promotion was not the de facto standard. Ideally, Keith’s point of view is unassailable, but practically SP exists because flunking out a large percentage of kids, even if they deserve it, is probably “wrong thing” to do.

          1. Around 80% of RISD teachers agree with Keith Bell. They know that social promotion is the dirty little secret that is never discussed, but a rampant problem K-12. Mentally impaired children are pushed through the system and wonder why they can not find a job.

            RISD is very much like an inexpensive day care facility at taxpayers expense. The turnover and vacant spots in the Roswell,NM school district are due to the soul sucking nature of the teaching position which is overburdened with thoughtless, time consuming, and unnecessary administrative tasks along with having to deal with whining parents who have to come to terms with the fact that their kiddo is a weakie intellectually.

            Blaming Tom Burris for the whole thing is not fair, but he sure as hell has not taken any steps towards fixing derelict, woefully inadequate conditions!

            1. The deposed cartoonist was one of the first to go public reflecting the disdain RISD employees have for a superintendent who makes 150 thousand per year. School board member Eloy Ortega stepped down in protest of the various policies of Burris.

              1. Nicole Austin and Christopher Palmer are pioneer bank employees running for the two school board vacancies in Roswell NM. Austin states that her unique experience as banker and educator makes her an excellent candidate. That’s the kind of empty comment which gives no information about her ability to be competent public servant. Nothing unique about being both a teacher and a banker.
                I will vote for Ed Cook from Indiana who has only been here around 4 years. He is the only one with the balls to stand up to Burris.

                Lorraine Blea-Garcia is the most honest candidate with children and grandchildren in RISD.

                James Edwards with degrees in political science and sociology has an exemplary record of volunteer work in Alien City, but apparently has never been employed here.

                Does anybody know why the ages of 11 school board applicants was not listed?

                1. Did you notice that Melvin G. Anaya who is running for school board in Roswell would not admit he works for La Casa Behavioral Health Services. He would only state he is the administrator of a community mental health center. Also Ed Cook would not disclose his age or whether his nuclear family is employed by RISD. Ed vaguely stated he is an entrepreneur likely not wanting to disclose the names of any failed businesses.

              2. Let’s focus more on the challenges faced by Sidney Gutierrez principal Joseph Andreis. He is having to deal with very delicate issue of not having enough capacity for the siblings of legacy students as it relates to the drawings for non-sibling kids. Non-sibling admission should be assigned higher priority to avoid incestuous nepotism type conditions accusations.

        2. Until SGMS teacher Lawner tells the city whether she brought the Cesar Chavez MLK cartoon to class for Alexis Barreras and her classmates to review, Keith Bell Versus Leslie Lawn remains unresolved. If Lawner brought the cartoon to class which was behind the petition to get Bell fired, then he has reason to be upset. If the little girl read the cartoon of her free will at home and then reached racist conclusions as she revealed in Lauren Hansard KOB interview, then it is a toss up.

          1. Sandra Smith of Roswell criticizes young Jeremiah Piñon for being ignorant of how Catholics were complicit in the atrocities of Holocaust. Jeremiah, son of prominent Doctor, proudly mentions his devotion to Catholicism in letter to editor he wrote to RDR which was part of class project conducted by Lawner. BTW Sandra, all religions are in bed with politicians at some level. Praise the Lord.

            1. Frida Ruizesparza , Nathan De La Cerda and other former or current Lawner SGMS students predictably attack the mature adult perspective of Sandra Smith which accurately claims all religions and governments have committed horrible atrocities including Pinon’s beloved Catholic Church. Conservative American Christians were involved in Tuskegee “experiment” where black service men with syphillis were not treated and forced to die agonizing deaths.

              Yes, Jeremiah your young mind has no clue how the world really turns other than the distortions and bias printed in US history books. Ask Mrs Lawner if you can research the horrors of Tuskegee on school time.

              You have an excellent teacher who challenges you to think critically, but the only way you will ever become well informed about how life really is outside of your ideal middle school bubble is to experience the harsh competiveness of corporate America or serve time in military.

            2. Rabbi David Fox Sandmel director of anti defamation league Albuquerque excoriates Sandra Smith of Roswell for her disturbing characterization that Jews have been rejected by God. The Rabbi was not particular lucid with what he meant by replacement theology. I invite him to explain via a comment here. I am contemplating seminary school but am confused by all the mud slinging and rubbush going on between worlds major religions.

              1. Replacement theology means Jews who long ago thought they were gods chosen people were replaced by a broader class of people including Gentiles(non Jews). It is related to Anti-Semitism. As the church stressed the rejection of Jesus by the Jews, some Gentile believers adopted the common pagan view that Jews are religiously backward and socially unapproachable and awkward.

  2. Nightmare on Elm Street (Should I say hello, Mr. Krueger?),
    Yes, from the start of these cartoons I was determined to break the mold at the RDR and to dispense with the usual protocols of ignoring corruption in high places, whether it be at City Hall or the RISD Administration Bldg. I agree with you that Burris inherited a broken school district (his predecessor bloated administration), but Burris is also an apologist for this broken system, you’ll have to admit. The school system is a sacred cow in this town, and one criticizes it at one’s peril. When is the last time the paper reported the district enrollment numbers, for instance?

    I did not go after Leslie Lawner, she went after me. I first became aware of Ms. Lawner when I saw her on television saying I was a problem that needed to be dealt with. She whipped up her students into a frenzy and had one of them write a convoluted letter saying, among other things, that the Boston Celtics was a racist symbol somehow, despite their having a legendary coach who happens to be black. I have never met her nor did I even know she existed before this incident. I also went to the trouble of looking up some videos she and her students produced for a network contest, and she definitely does have a political agenda and she does promulgate that agenda onto her young students. If she is the best middle school teacher in Roswell, then that in and of itself is a sad indictment of our school system.

    Thank you for your well wishes, however! There is more to life than the Daily Record, so I will be fine.

    1. Keith, I am really let down that you got fired by the Roswell newspaper. Drinking coffee and reading your cartoons put pep in my step to start the day. I know first hand that Tom Burris turns a deaf ear to the considerable social promotion problem in Roswell. I heard the hypocrite on radio a week ago and he is full of it. All lip service in truth or consequences and the same old crap at RISD. If I still lived there would NOT subscribe to RDR! God bless you for being brave enough to tell it like it is your cartoons.

      I am glad I found this website and it is obvious their content writers held you in the highest esteem!

      1. Mr Bell, I know you don’t mind sticking your neck out about the problems troubling RISD. I know you must know about permanent substitute teacher Kellie Hurst being accused of having sex with 16 year old Roswell High student. I am sure the horny kid called the victim did not feel much like a victim when he was climaxing in her apartment. Would be cool if you do cartoon on his “social promotion”.

        1. Right! How could you call the mature boy a victim after he had ejaculated in Hursts mouth 3 or4 times. That boy was bragging about hitting the teacher anyhow just like Hurst was crowing to worker at Lavish Nail and Hair Salon she was banging the young hard dick. School Resource Officer Helen Cheromiah seemed reported the steamy details.

          1. The article by CHRISTINE HAUSER about training hair stylists to report spousal abuse and signs of violence is related to younger female teachers hooking up with kids in their class.

        2. The whole thing got started when Hurst tried to give grocery store sacker a hand job when he took her bags to car in parking lot. He did not want to risk losing his job so they eventually hooked up over Internet.

    2. Matthew Gormley and many other librarians around town are grossly underpaid. Attorney Leslie Lawner made sure everybody knows their value detailing the tireless and patient assistance rendered by the bibliophiles on her school sponsored trip to the public library located within walking distance of schlotzsky’s.

      1. I am glad Leslie Lawner of SGMS sacrificed her lucrative career as an attorney to become an educator par excellence! This woman gives gives gives and never takes in the veritable and genuine Xmas Spirit. How many teachers would take the time to seek out a venerated Army veteran like Lowell Hughes and welcome him to her classroom knowing it would use up valuable time that could have been used for PARCC test preparation? Thanks for all you do Leslie!!

        1. Ah, the Information Age. Google Leslie Lawner attorney, New York, and up pops her former gig as Director of Government Affairs for Enron Corp. For those of you who lost their pensions in that scandal. Curiouser and curiouser.

          1. Dear Mr Bell,

            Your email sure strikes a pejorative tone. It is almost like you are saying that any Enron Employee is guilty of something just because they were employed there during the time of the well publicized scandal. I guess you have time to dig around for skeletons since you are no longer employed at RDR. Your outspoken ways got you into trouble once in this town. I would advise you to get a life and quit rummaging around in other people’s affairs. Do you even know if it is the same Leslie Lawner? If not, your postings on this site constitute libel. I am surprised site admins allow you to carry on the way you do.

            1. Looks like the “social justice” crowd is a bit defensive. The document I just found (and it took two minutes, by the way) lists a Leslie Lawner DIRECTOR of Government Affairs and an address on North Lea in Roswell, NM. My “outspoken ways” got me a following in this town, actually. Hey, maybe the object of your love can clear this up. I’d love to hear the story.

              1. Fair enough, but why are you trying to damage the reputation of a valued member of our community for an event that that happened way back in 2001? Also a man of your intelligence should know that working for a corrupt corporation is not equivalent to being individually corrupt. Just consider who you worked for for s few years. Do you know that she was guilty of anything other than working for a greedy corporation that got caught?

          2. Dear K. Bell,

            It sure appears you are making unwarranted assumptions about Leslie. The majority of Enron employees had no involvement or even awareness in the fraud and price fixing. Andrew Fastow was the real crook that caused the collapse.

            Eric Eden, Deborah DeFforge, Lisa Feener would all tell you that Leslie got out seeking the nobler profession of teaching when she got wind of the naughty games the higher ups were playing.

            I am surprised you would risk your job at newspaper by posting your false assumptions about her guilt. I have reviewed your work which takes pot shots at public figures. Take your talent to a more pleasant level if that is possible for you. You appear to have it in for her and would do well to drop your bitter tirades against a woman who helps young people find direction.

            1. Lawner wrote letter to editor of RDR thanking newspaper for serving one its roles to inform predominantly ignorant citizens. She forgot to thank them for the firing of exceptionally talented conservative cartoon drawer. If publisher Flaming liberal Beck is ever replaced by far right publisher, I am sure tone of Lawner’s letters will be more critical along with the viewpoints of her programmed students.

        2. Gary Hartwick of Roswell NM proves he is very distant from the drudgery and burden of administering to PARCC testing. His remarks about too many unqualified substitutes also betray his ignorance about the true state of RISD. He is a Monday morning quarterback who probably inherited money and bases his views on an incomplete reading of U.S. News and World Report article.

  3. I am sorry to hear that social promotion is so widespread in Alien City. I was very energized to read a Northern Illinois University chemistry syllabus that stands in fierce opposition to social promotion:

    Professor Narayan S. Hosmane, Prof. Chong Zheng, and Dr. A. Chakrabarti, run an ALEKS online course where no make-up exams(even a death in the family or student’s mother being brutally raped) are allowed.

    I wonder if the the author of the chem textbook Narayan Hosmane would concur with such draconian policy?

    Make-up exams will NOT be
    given under any circumstances.

    Surprise Quizzes (Pop Quizzes) – Surprise quizzes (believe me you will be surprised!-this statement is way too cocky and disrespectful to students-yes prof. Hosmane, some of us actually read your egomaniacal, arrogant syllabi)

  4. Head start, an admission that Our school system in Roswell is broken, closed its doors today because of a parasitic infection called cryptosporidiosis. Director Eddie Ward’s quick thinking shut down the 505 e McGaffey facility to sanitize the facility.

  5. Thank you, Nancy Wilson, for those encouraging words, and I am so glad the cartoons inspired you a little.
    Saturday night the New Mexico Press Association statewide awards were announced, and I am proud to say that I won first place in the Editorial Cartoon contest. My cartoons competed with the cartoons of every newspaper in New Mexico, regardless of size and circulation. So, wonderful vindication for those of you who followed the cartoons in the Roswell Daily Record and enjoyed them! I don’t suppose Bobby Villegas will be serenading me, but a great way to end my stint at the RDR nonetheless.

    1. Keith, I would not give a flip about what an insurance agent would think about you. Car salesmen and Insurance salesmen crawled out from under the same rock. The RDR only reported that you were runnerup for satirizing a wall calendar from Chaves County Sheriff’s Office. Is that more of the infamous misinformation disseminated by them? Publisher Barbara Beck was crowing about the amazing staff of go-getters who far exceed the requirements of their job descriptions. You were definitely in that group! Was she the one that canned you? I just want to have some ammunition on who to go after when I write letter to editor exposing whomever was responsible for your unjust termination! I already have 21 people who are willing to sign it! Just hope they will publish it.

  6. Yes, Nancy, Barbara Beck is the sole person responsible for my termination. She wants the paper to reflect her progressive/liberal ideology and she couldn’t get rid of my cartoons fast enough.

    I wonder if Jackson Daniels would let you post your letter here, too, in the event the RDR spikes it?

    1. Mr Bell,

      I want to thank you so much for going after Superintendent Burris in your cartoon. I wish you had been around longer to criticize him for agreeing to let student evaluations be a major determinant in whether RISD teachers will have their contract renewed! The student evaluations are NOT an indication of how well we teachers are performing, ONLY an indication of how easy or popular a teachers is!! I am damn sick and tired of having to water down grades and kiss parent’s asses to keep my job. Burris talks out of both sides of his mouth and should be evaluated himself. I have taught in the Roswell School system for over 12 years and must remain anonymous here in case Burris is trolling the internet!!

      1. Tom Burris said it is not his desire for RISD to take the parents of truant students to court for their excessive absences, but he will in order to socially promote them so they can “earn” a valueless diploma.

      2. One would have to conclude Rick Wolfert of Roswell NM is a retired “gentleman” living on a cushy fixed income. He has extreme contempt for superintendent Tom Burris blaming Tom for not preparing our kids for the real world. Wolfert is quite ignorant if he thinks high schools prepare their students for anything beyond a minimum wage job, if that. How do I know Wolfert is retired? He demands that Burris should be fired which means he does not work for RISD at least. Wolfert is right about how our students are pampered and made to feel good for no good reason. Teachers are not allowed to fail kids for fear it might stress them out. Wolfert is a loud mouth dogmatic old fart who delusionally believes we give a shit about his mindless blather.

        1. I am deeply offended by your not so subtle innuendo of Rick Wolfert’s eye opening commentary in RDR. With 14 more dead in assault style killings in San Berardino CA, Rick should be writing column in paper advocating private weapon ownership. Police officers don’t protect citizens, citizens protect themselves by carrying guns to slaughter these gutless terrorist types!!

          1. How was Jeannine Wilkins’ pathetic anti gun fiction allowed to be published in Roswell NM newspaper. It will take somebody breaking into her house and committing violent acts against her family to change he absurdly ridiculous world view.

            1. I am happy to note Larry D Griffin of Roswell recognized the Anti gun tripe written by Jeannine Wilkens in her letter to editor. Let’s see what kind of luck she has throwing her lip stick tube at the thug who is trying to mug her at Roswell Mall

              1. Don Determan easily refutes the fiction against gun bullshit the newspaper allowed Jeannine Wilkins to publish titled enforceable gun laws. Determan who professes to be a Christian uses a rather crude example of shooting somebody with AIDS and having their blood spatter and infect healthy person. By miss Wilkins’ specious logic, Determan would be guilty. Roswell, NM is full of militant gun toting Christians.

              2. Larry D. Griffin went after Smotherman as harshly as possible allowing for his letter to be printed in RDR. Griffin stated that Sterling and Norma Grant were pillars in the community with Sterling being the linchpin of little league baseball organization while his son Troy, a retired policeman, battled the scourge of violent crime, drugs, and gang activity that torments and rips apart families in Alien City!! . Smotherman, of Church on the Move, apparently went after Caleb(Biblical Name) Grant as they ran against each other for some kind of political office. Political campaigns can rapidly transform friends into enemies.

        2. I know an RDR employee who says they publish Rick Wolfert letters to editor as comic relief. Funny thing is cop hater Wolfert does not realize we are laughing at him and not with him. What a difference a preposition makes Ricky Boy. Wolfert is the chihuahua puppy constantly barking and being ignored spewing nonsense about his perceptions of quality education. Maybe the bullet hole that found John Ford’s carport ricocheted towards Wolfert domicile and bounced off his head

    2. Consistent with Bell’s claim that RDR publisher Beck is extreme liberal, she appoints flaming liberal Tom McDonald as the new editor who points out the failings of the conservative viewpoint by NOT having the Balls to even call it conservatism. McDonald calls it gradualism and highlights his perceived flaws in his analysis of the Harper Lee character Atticus Finch.

    3. Hi Keith,

      Been out of touch with some issues at the feed store. I would be glad to publish the letter Nancy mentioned. I have not seen any letters in RDR questioning you being laid off. Nancy, if you are still interested, I am sure site owners would gladly post it here.

  7. Oh, and it is my understanding that a correction about the award is going to run in the paper. Your guess is as good as mine about how that happened. But it is a first place award, not runner-up.

    1. My daughter is a lawyer is West Texas and subscribes to the RDR online. Beck may not be directly responsible for the playing down of your first place award by, what appears, to be an outright lie. We could likely never prove Barbara Beck had anything to do with the “mistaken information” regarding your hard earned and well deserved award, but it is on the margin of libel in my humble opinion. I have no qualms about posting petition like letter to the editor here demanding your reinstatement as RDR cartoonist. Just hope enough people come here to make it worthwhile. Do not think site admins would reject it.

  8. Trieva Rue, a much needed special education teacher at Berrendo Elementary in the RISD, had her feelings hurt when APS superintendent Winston Brooks did not introduce himself to her in a school district with over 5000 teachers. She said she would not know him from “Johnny” if next to him on elevator.

    Her brown nosing letter praises Burris for taking the time, which he has plenty in town of less than 50 thousand , to come visit her classroom and warmly greet her. Rue bases her assessment of RISD Sup on one superficial act. Once she gets to know him a little better, I bet she would prefer “Johnny”.

    1. Flo Wells must have a criminal record. Why? She disagrees with school board member Nicole Austin for requiring ALL employees have background checks. If Flo has not been in any trouble, then she has nothing to fear except the cost of running background check.

      1. Flo Wells is trying to get fired from her low paying job so she can file lawsuit against RISD. Evidence of this can be found in Roswell Daily Record in her letter to editor where she mocks Tom Burris and an evaluation system she perceives as unjust. I think she was same person who whined about cost of background checks not too long ago.

        1. Alison T. Wells rates Tom Burris as minimally effective and laments the fact the RISD superintendent has not implemented an anonymous feedback system to criticize his incompetence. Keith was right about king Burris.
          Step up Roswell ,says she, and attend a school board meeting Tuesday 6pm 300 north Kentucky to unseat the monarch if that’s how you feel. I like Tom and believe he tries to be fair, but everybody knows anonymous criticism invites harsh, unfair, invective.

          1. Jose Mike Jimenez exhibits his ignorance of the inner workings of RISD. Burris left because he was forced out by school board with Nicole Austin leading the cavalry. Indeed, Jose is the mindless ignorant one who bases his whole article on noticing there was a vacancy for interim superintendent without having a clue about the longtime movement opposing the deposed superintendent.

            Common Mike! , earn that $75 per article in RDR rather than making vague references to clones and illuminati. Shows how isolated ENMU teachers are from the community.

      2. Thank you Flo Wells for pointing out lack of parent involvement is not the problem with our school system. As an educational assistant, I am sure you are qualified to declare it the fault of unqualified teachers.

        As far as the districts shortage of qualified teachers, two words girlfriend, underpaid and overworked.

        Flo, did you really recommend that parents sue RISD because Gifted kids are not getting the services they deserve as dictated by their ISP? Teachers have their hands full just dealing with the slow unmotivated kiddos.

        At least your heart is in right place. I can tell you care!!! You and Okie teacher Britton Gildersleeve(perhaps the most Googleable name in search engine history) are live wires not afraid to expose the abject conditions in our public schools and historically ineffective programs like no child left behind.

        1. Flo Wells is a low income employee at RISD and it is no surprise she is of the entitlement ilk and hates Donald Trump. Her “wisdom” also holds that building wall between US and Mexico is stupid. Flo does get “stupid”

          1. Sandra Whitlow had tough time concealing her disappointment over teachers not getting bonus pay for perfect attendance. So many Sierra Middle School teachers have come to factor that $1000 into their annual budgets!

            1. Bonham Middle School Principal David Steele of Odessa Texas, also has problems with severe teacher shortages. Signing bonuses and perfect attendance rewards are assuaging some of the shortfall, but substitutes keep ECISD from crashing down like the house of cards it is!

  9. For “We Love Leslie”–
    Oh, listen, I am very glad I am not associated with the paper these days, it has really deteriorated under the new management. But, to answer your question, no, I do not know anything about Lawner’s connection to Enron. Marjorie Whalen, just above, mentioned a lucrative career as an attorney. You don’t hear about too many high-powered attorneys chucking their career to become a teacher. And since Lawner is, as you note, a high-profile member of our community and seems to have a passion for history, what motivated her transition from the Law to education might be of some interest. But I seem to have struck a raw nerve here.

    1. I get your logic about her giving up the big bucks, or possibly being forced out because of her complicity with the excessive greed and illegal trading, to accept a low paying teaching job away from the bright lights and big city. I just get the feeling she has aggrieved you in some way or you would not be doing all this internet sleuthing to dig up her dirty past. We all have things in our past we are not too proud of dude!

  10. Stanley W. Crosby III expresses his vehement disapproval of forceful fashion in which Mayor Dennis overturned the efforts and intentions of the parks and recreation commission. Kintigh is portrayed as a wolf intimidating our sheep city councilors. Thank god for the previous two incarnations of Stanley W. Crosby the THIRD. Run Stanley Run!!

    His father, a NMMI grad from El Paso Texas, was a far more credible man according to West Point writer Jack V. Dunham a close friend and classmate.

    1. Crosby is an investment professional advisor. If he knows so much about investing, why doesn’t he just invest his OWN money? I know why. He makes safer risk free profit off of commissions and fees even if his advice to his clients results in his clients LOSING money!

    2. How about 90 year old nmmi alumnus Robert Gowan a dentist who lived in Rigby Idaho and was elected oldest to attend homecoming game and proclaim nmmi was the West Point of the west.

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