Royal’s Pitcher has no Class


The picture you see is Kansas City Royal’s pitcher Johnny Cueto giving the  slash throat gesture to the entire Houston Astros team after the Royals went up 7-2 in the bottom of the eighth inning in game 5 of the ALDS.

The arrogant Royal’s hurler who was ineffective in game 2 and quite lucky to even be in a position to cut the Astro’s throat after the Astros were 6 outs away from knocking Royals out of playoffs in game 4 at Houston.

The Royals did metaphorically cut the throats of the Houston baseball team in the bottom of the eighth, but Dominican Republic born Cueto will be made to feel quite uncomfortable by Astro fans next time he is brave enough to pitch in Houston. It is not like the the Royals dominated the Astros. A blown double play ball by the Astro’s shortstop is the only reason Cueto even had the opportunity to display his savage, thug like throat cutting gesture!


Kansas City Royal pitcher slashing throat of Astros
Kansas City Royal pitcher slashing throat of Astros



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  1. The Los Angeles Angels are statistically the worst clutch hitting team in Major League Baseball history. They just finished leaving the bases loaded with only one out against Cleveland Indians. They are not a wild card team and will be watching the playoffs this year.

    Their team batting average with runners in scoring position is an anemic 190!

      1. Did you all read the words of “self employed” Yankee fan Leslie Doll ? He flamed Todd Frazier for missing a knee buckling fastball from Justin Verlander in game 6 of ALCS. Leslie Doll(sounds like a girls name) called Frazier pathetic. “self employed” is code for “not working”. Leslie is probably living off some government entitlement program.

  2. Just when I thought Astro manager Hinch was intelligent, he lets Kenneth Robert Giles pitch in eighth inning against Dodgers in 4rth game of World Series. Devensky had just shut down Los Angeles in 7th inning and Hinch inexplicably brings in guy with an 8 ERA!

    Giles gives up a run without getting an out in a 1-1 game. The Astro manager needs to pull his head out of his ass! Everybody but him seems to know Giles should not be on the roster!!!

    If Astros lose series, a j hinch’s Continued employment will be in jeopardy. Unbelievably stupid to trust Giles at that time. Also, nothing personal against Giles. He is just in over his head now. He was good during regular season and their closer, but there is something wrong with him now, maybe the pressure of the world series versus pitching in the minor leagues in Albuquerque where he was a stud!

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