Santa Fe and Taos NM crying in Unison


Extreme LEFT wing ideologue Mary Simonini of Taos New Mexico United States of America could not conceal her disappointment that President Trump crushed the female democratic presidential nominee in the time tested and highly reliable electoral college. The only reason Clinton was close in the popular vote was because of the extreme liberal infestation in overpopulated California.  So the psychotherapist, who would not get along too well with Tom Cruise, should hunker down for the next 8 years. I am sure Simonini would get along real well with elector Noyola Archibeque of Las Vegas who believes dismantling the Electoral College is the sensible thing to do. Also is Mary not the least bit upset that Hillary did NOT set foot in NM during campaign? She took you guys for granted. It cost her dearly in Wisconsin. You guys need to shop around for a higher energy candidate not an Apparatchik like her.

The picture you see below taken from a newspaper in southeastern New Mexico, I believe it was Roswell, displays an assembly of Santa Fe citizens who are quite beside themselves due to the smashing GOP victory. They apparently still believe that the US bright Red contingent has any concern at all about their government handout mentality.

Just take a look at the Dump Trump crowd in the picture below. Probably 3 or 4 of them cohabitate because poets, writers, song writers, and sculptors are often low income Bohemians who depend on government entitlement programs. They have just loved living off the fat of the land for the last 8 years and now it  will crash down on them. Some of them will probably end up in the street due to their overdependency on Uncle SAM.


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  1. Sam Connan was impersonating our great leader near the Roundhouse February 13th 2017. Connan, likely a Bohemian far left artsy fartsy type, is trying to get recognized by imitating a man he surely despises. Might as well make some cash off of Trump from some standup improvisational comedy right Sam? I thought the Santa Fe Preparatory School had better job placement services.

    Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Enjoy next 8 years of GOP hegemony NM!!

    1. Sam cannot be tried for treason for impersonating our beloved leader,BUT Laurence Herrera CAN!

      Treason is defined simply as working against the interests of your nation.

      Herrera Organized “Not my Presidents’ Day” in Los Angeles, CA USA. Lock the self entitled welfare, government handout punk up!!!!!

      1. At least Chris Cillizza of Clinton News Network(CNN) acknowledges female Clinton is the weakest presidential candidate of all time by botching general election losing to a reality TV star and screwing any chance of a woman ever becoming USA president.

        1. Evan Hurst of Wonkette is a closet supporter of Donald Trump, but he sells out to his bellyaching employer who hates it that GOP crushed dems.

          All claims of beastiality with his black lab, Lula, are completely unsubstantiated. He gets all the gay sex a man could want. Animals are for his next incarnation.

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