Save Money: Do your own Financial Research and Planning


Retiring in Glenwood Springs, Colorado has been everything we expected it to be. Despite all our planning, we have had a few minor financial shortfalls, but nothing that has made us regret our decision to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world even withstanding a comparison to Switzerland.

Danielle Howard, writing a financial column in the Post Independent reminding us of our Sisyphean existence(gerbil running in his wheel or guy continuously pushing a rock up the hill amount to same thing according to Camus),  does NOT really provide any useful assistance for the financial plight of Joe Average.

Her erudite sounding quote, Cultivating positive emotions will entail the outlook on your money life,  is not practical or effective advice for abandoned wives or the homeless or even the working poor for that matter. She does issue faint criticism for folks who dull their intellects and waste money with inordinate time spent on the latest smart phone.

A financial planner’s gerbil wheel is hoping people will trust them enough to pay planner a few percent of their portfolio’s value for stock picks, etc that will make them money even after professional’s cut. Financial planning is a competitive occupation in an age where one can use full service online financial service centers like Schwab, Goldman Sachs, Ameritrade, etc where one can do all research and decision making at NO COST.

Most of us do not have the luxury of contemplating the nuances of the Well-Being theory espoused by this Certified Financial Planner practitioner. Maybe 20% of us have a job where we feel engaged and the rest of us hop from one stressful unfulfilling occupation to another. The majority of folks chase the highest paying employment they can find in order to provide for their kids, even if it involves putting up with an unbearable boss or supervisor.

So, in short, most of us are stuck in the grind for around 45 years and NOT the growth mentioned by the well-intentioned professionals who make a profit off their client’s investment returns.


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