Sexual Improprieties in Small Town Library


Many small towns have police blotters published in their local newspaper. I like it as it confers a certain amount of accountability due to the embarrassment of having your name mentioned and the concomitant shame of having to show your face in public.

One lady in Roswell,NM tried to walk out of store without paying for her own birthday cake and was arrested I believe, but the following report in the blotter of a man pleasuring himself in the public library is more than shocking for parents attempting to raise their children in this small south eastern NM town.

A man exposed himself to a 22 year old female doing her homework in the library. She informed a member of the library staff who called police, but the sexually immature self-stimulating perpetrator quickly exited before police arrived.

The library has grainy video of the man standing behind the woman in the act of self-stimulation while exposing himself. I believe there are ways to enhance the bad video so that they can identify perpetrator.

At least the man is not a serial killer and did no real harm, but how inferior he must feel to not just ask the girl out on a date so he can get the real thing. Everybody needs sexual release, but to risk getting caught doing something like this in public place speaks to the desperation and despair this poor soul must feel! Honest folks have to admit that masturbation is a normal, but very private practice. The guy in the library has to understand how offensive and repulsive his act was to library patrons.

Caught pleasuring yourself in public library
Caught pleasuring yourself in public library

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  1. This is a little different than what Oregon State University student Kendra Sunderland did in her school library. She filmed herself having an orgasm in library and posted it on Pornhub.
    She was charged with public indecency and could be incarcerated for up to a year pleasuring herself in a public place.
    Are you really that horny Kendra? I guess you know this limits your employment opportunities to ONLY adult entertainment. Maybe OK while you are young, but as you age, employers will Google your name and find comments like this. Maybe you should have have been more mature by being normal enough to get off in the privacy of your apartment or dormitory! You could have charged the guys in your dorm $20 per performance. Now this will follow you around screwing up your chances of finding a good job.

    1. We are in the Roswell Library quite a bit in the summer and there are plenty of attractive hot young women in skin tight shorts with really nice asses and breasts. Some of them are putting on quite a show with their legs crossed and bouncing their legs in an orgasmic way.

      One day there were two volley ball girls in tight spandex in there leaning over a table exposing the sun tan line between their legs and perfect round tush. I can see how a guy would get caught waxing his carrot there!

      1. Former Roswell high school English and drama teacher Randall Lyons was arrested for exposing himself to a library patron. I guess he was not in the mood to conjugate verbs preferring conjugal relations as an erotic substitute.

        Would enjoy a Keith Bell cartoon on people who feel compelled to pleasure themselves in public, but doubt seriously there is delicate way to do so without losing his job. Probably not worth the risk buddy!

        1. Betsy Gumfory was employed at Missouri Elementary as a librarian. She was there a long time and spread a lot of gossip and falsehoods. She thought she was above the rules. I think she retired.

      2. Alexandria Rowell, 26, of Winter Haven Was orally pleasured on a beach in Clearwater Florida with family members cheering 50 year old man with muscular delving tongue.

        Ryan Stiles Was so turned on he recklessly drove through crowded area endangering the lives of children while posting video of his potentially homicidal spree on Facebook.

        No surprise that all parties were consuming large quantities of alcohol.

        I don’t think this is the same Alexandria Rowell who wrote extremely hateful letter to retail workers equating them with scum on the bottom of the ocean. She also told retail salespeople “You are not worthy of respect”

    2. Can you imagine Kendra Sunderland sitting across the desk during a job interview and the interviewer scratching his chin before asking her “Do you promise not to finger your clitoris in the break room, bathroom, or in the cubicles?” If we catch you twiddling your twat, you will be terminated unless you put on a private show for us. Deal?

      1. Sam, sorry to tell you that Kendra will not be doing any conventional job interviews in the forseeable future. She is hoping to convert the black on white fantasy to big bucks before her young body gives out or her colon is perforated! She painted herself into a corner from a career point of view. She does seem to love interracial relationships.

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