Should underemployment even be a word?


It’s just plain arrogant for anyone to consider their job underemployment. 

The above statement is a view espoused by Abigail Johnson and Tammy Nicastro. Prima Facie, their position seems fair enough. After all, if you believe you are working beneath your abilities or skill set, then go find a job that is commensurate with your credentials.

Johnson is the president of a Silicon Valley public relations firm and probably does not understand the perspective of a working stiff. It is rarely as simple as giving your two week notice if you are “underemployed”. Maybe your wife really likes the weather and the bridge club she is a member of. Also many people live in various regions because of their health and doctor’s orders. There are a multitude of reasons why folks are stuck in dead end jobs or toxic work places. Bad jobs are a lot like bad marriages. Both are difficult break free from given certain unfortunate circumstances.

Abigail and Tammy do make a good point about not whining about your “underemployment” notwithstanding mitigating circumstances like those enumerated above. Their put up or shut up argument is sound and understandable given the entitlement culture that immerses the entire United States and much of the world. Read their Forbes magazine piece for more insight and depth.








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