Silent Evidence Overwhelmingly Refutes Miracles


Do you all remember the type of kids who would come to bible study telling everybody how they were humming a tune when they got into their car AND guess what: that same tune was playing on the car radio. Many in the group would exclaim in reverent terms that it had to be a miracle. What were the chances of that happening without divine intercession?

walking to car……I’m gonna find my baby gonna hold her tight, gonna grab some afternoon delight……. car radio……. wee can make a lot of loving before the sun goes down

People who are religion struck, actually believe God might have something to do with the above coincidence.  Now for a little eye opening honesty. How many times were you humming a song on the way to your car AND that song was NOT playing on the radio??

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who has noticeable contempt for public school teachers and university professors, called this silent evidence. Examples are all the times that people prayed to God to save them, but perished anyway. An incontestable example would be all the people who prayed their hearts out for God to save them at the top of the burning  twin towers 9-11. Nearly 3000 people died from blunt impact with concrete and steel and I would wager most of them prayed before choosing to end their life in the least painful way possible.

Humans, who believe in miracles, only give weight to the times that prayer yielded miraculous results. The author of the The Black Swan would tell you these very people are ignoring the silent evidence against miracles which significantly outnumbers the documented evidence for miracles.

The wife of Jack Gentul, who appears to be secular, rationally chose to jump from the oven in the sky. I doubt she resorted to prayer in her last moments.


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