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Couples who own homes often split housekeeping duties. But life has a way of getting in the way with work related stress and your kids having problems with a particular student, teacher or principal at school. The overall burden of parenting along with husband/wife discord doesn’t exactly inspire a spouse to vacuum the carpet or dust the window sill.

So it is understandable that house cleaning businesses like Elite MAIDS CLEANING SERVICES compete for a very large market. We found their yellow ribbon flyer attached to the front door of one of our homes in Roswell, NM. There was no contact name, but only a phone number 575-513-0215. One of their specialties is decluttering and organizing which is an in demand service in a town like Roswell which is full of hoarders.

We could and would use their cleaning service if it were not for the security concern of having to trust them to come into our home and not tell friends and family about possessions and art pieces that have taken a lifetime to accumulate. We have no doubt that the maid service would NOT steal from us, but they would be privy to the same things a baby sitter or close friend would know. Roswell is full of thieves and scummy people who are just looking for an easy way to rip people off and inside info from maid service employees makes it that much easier for them to pull off an easy heist.

Absolutely no disrespect to Elite MAIDS is intended, but we can not afford the risk of loose lips. Best of luck to you and your service.

Elite maids cleaning services Roswell NM
Elite maids cleaning services


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