Spandex, Volleyball, and the tawdry era in which we live


When I was in school back in the mid 80s, women’s volleyball was decidedly more conservative with respect to the attire of the players. The girls wore shorts, but not the skin tight butt accentuating , leave nothing to the imagination spandex shorts that the players wear today!

The girl on the left in picture is showing off her movie star figure and could hire on at Hooter’s and make a ton of money on tips. The last college volleyball game I attended was full of middle aged men pretending to be interested in the outcome of the game, when in fact they were sneaking peaks at well formed tushes every time their wives turned their heads.

The burning question is why do these 18-20 year old women have to wear buttock revealing, skin-tight shorts to play a volleyball match? Surely they would play just as well in looser fitting shorts? I guess all of this is no surprise in a time where young middle school girls dance in a simulated sexual intercourse fashion. I just do not see how decent parents could possibly condone such behavior.

Revealing Volley Ball uniforms
Revealing Volley Ball uniforms

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  1. My dad has it bad for college volley ball girls, but only when they are revealing their muscular legs and tight round spandex ass. Mom never says anything but knows he almost gets a boner watching the girls in his psychology class play. He is one funny hick and I don’t think mom has much to worry about. He is a horny professor at major university and has to worry about inappropriate conduct with sexy girls in his classes.

    1. Even tough this post is well within the bounds of good taste, it could be branded as “Google banned this” due to the sexual tension it provokes. There is nothing obscene or in decent about young female college students wearing tight provocative shorts that are approved by their school.

    2. Your Father reminds me of a German Professor I had who in a lighter moment blurted out the word pobetont in class when a few of the less well behaved kids in class were describing their spandex or elastan fantasies for a particular freshman Hispanic volley ball player with a big round caboose who enjoyed being the object of their desire. The rumor was the prof had huge crush on Annette Schwarz and her big butt.

    3. There was a guy in our fraternity in Austin,TX where the black athletes got any white girl they wanted. One of the volleyball girls would get very erect nipples in close games. One egotistical frat boy thought it was because she was checking him out!! What a punk:) The girl was horny and enjoyed striking poses that showed off her ass, but she didnt know the frat boy even existed hahahah. I mean, think about it, those girls are wearing that tight spandex for a reason. They know more horny males are staring at their muscular spandex bum than watching the game and are waiting to hook up after the game. you can cut the sexual tension with a knife!! If you dont believe me, just ask any of those testosterone charged teen agers if the girls even won or lost

  2. Speaking of women who like to showcase their ass in spandex or any other skintight material, have you read the work of Brian at the Oregon Hinessight. He tried to intellectualize Jen Selter’s perfect ass. He wrote some psuedo-intellectual babble about how her ass offended his sensibilities when he is nothing more than another beyond middle aged HARD D-CK. He claimed he was motivated to cull through her instagram displays for purely objective feminist reasons. So obvious when somebody is trying to foist themselves as highly intelligent, but modest.

    1. What Jen does prancing around NYC loving the attention of horny young men staring at her edible ass is identical to Female leopard Presenting Herself To Male At Night in Botswana. Jen could sleep with anybody she desired.


    Mr Finkelstein took an informal poll of the class he teaches at Albany State University, and two out of three college males were highly aware of the story. I wonder if the board of regents would be impressed with professor Finkelstein’s eagerness to talk about lesbian sex in bathroom stall by red hot Carolina panther cheerleaders? Perhaps he is just an adjunct teacher and does not give a witch’s tit if he gets fired. What do you expect from a lawyer who was issued a court order to suspend him from the practice of law for unprofessional conduct. The dude appears to behave unprofessionally in multiple professions!

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