Speeding Tickets and Crime Stoppers


We were caught speeding in Chaves County near the airport in Roswell,NM. Sometimes police officers are understanding about being late for your plane departure and sometimes not. We were clocked traveling at a rate of 65 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone and it was on the loop around the city called the relief route.

The cost of the ticket was $136 and we were lucky enough to keep it off our driving record by appearing in the Magistrate court before Judge Halvorson. $50 of the traffic citation was a donation to Crime Stoppers which accepts anonymous tips and pays you a reward for providing useful information that helps to arrest local criminals. The call center is somewhere else so you don’t have to worry about your voice being recognized in the small town in southeastern New Mexico.

Legally speaking, the ticket is a 60 day deferred adjudication which will never show up on my record and raise my insurance premiums with Geico. I have to do my part by not getting a ticket in the next 60 days. I actually feel good about contributing 50 dollars to any effort to slow down crime and make families and citizens feel safe.

Part of the cost of speeding ticket contributes to local Crime Stoppers Organization
Part of the cost of speeding ticket contributes to local Crime Stoppers Organization

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  1. Alianza had tires slashed and threatening homophobic messages that the RPD requested not be published. Alianza, run by Sashua Patton, provides services to HIV families and should be commended rather than tormented in our community. Officials know who was responsible and perpetrator will eventually be prosecuted under hate crime law. Crime stoppers donations should be used to go after hate filled criminals.

  2. Tyler Rudick wrote that Houston police chief Charles McClelland ran over and injured attorney James Harris after making an illegal left turn.
    Charles McClelland complained that his one day suspension was unfair. Charles McClelland is less accountable for his actions than the criminals his department prosecutes. They could have fired Charles McClelland for reckless driving.

  3. Larry Connolly was crying in his letter to the editor about being caught speeding on the way to Ruidoso in either Picacho, Tinnie, Hondo, San Patricio of Lincoln County. Maybe he was in too big of a hurry to gamble away his paycheck at inn of the mountain gods? Go the speed limit Larry so we don’t have to listen to you whine in RDR.
    Oh yeah, your arrogance about the size of the small towns between Roswell and Ruidoso was noted. People live there who can be run over by people who ignore the law like you.

    1. Mr Connolly did everything but ask former mayor Tom Jennings out for a beer in his letter to editor. Larry recommended Tom explore his legal options. At stake is whether Custom Construction should be allowed to have farm animals in industrial/residential area and high volumes of lethal chemicals surrounded by 8 foot fence.
      Planning and zoning director Bill Morris will play hell trying to convince citizens favoritism is not in play here.

      You know the internet makes it so easy for the whole world to keep up with soap box called Roswell. Following the pollution problems in Mexico is boring to the drama in this small town.

    2. Thanks to the letter to editor writer who called Connolly an obfuscating Kintigh follower or acolyte or something. Larry was attacking Fred Moran for the hell of it. I heard their wives are good friends.

      Larry was at his “nagging best” when he got caught speeding between here and Ruidoso. He berated officers for doing their job! All kinds of cow pies flying around that day!

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