Strong Governments and Sea Monsters


If any two men desire the same thing, which nevertheless they cannot both enjoy, they can become enemies. This pithy quote from the magnum opus of Hobbes titled  Leviathan is familiar to any serious student of political science.  How many readers have gone into business with a “close friend” only to turn into bitter enemies? The prevalence of this is very much connected to the quote! Both friends desire more money than they are making at their 8-5 boring job dealing with a boss they despise.  Greed overrides and dissolves their friendship.

The rendition of the book in my possession illustrates an all powerful Monarch with his subordinates comprising his viscera. Hobbes remembered his mother land England being invaded by the Spanish Armada which made a lasting impression on his perception of how strong a government must be to protect against foreign invasion. Former New Mexico USA two term governor, libertarian Gary Johnson feels the same way, but will only play the role of spoiler in national election.

BTW What is a Leviathan? A sea monster from the New Testament. Hobbes likens a  strong government as one that can terrify and control its population  just like the sea monster.


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