Subtle Persuasion and Belonging Creating Mass Murder


The disturbing social theme is all too common. A relatively nice kid who is not particularly popular and does not really find a clique which will accept them in High School or Middle School for that matter. You know that accepting group of kids(jocks, band kids, hippies, even nerds, less likely cheerleaders, ropers, etc) who interact more frequently and intensely with each other.

One possibility for that kid, who cannot become a member of a group that has each others back, is to turn to a gang in order to belong to something that might improve their self esteem.

Now consider the following slightly more erudite sounding description: He represents a comparably small group of impressionable people at society’s margins with no noticeable connections or sympathies with terrorist groups, who can be duped,fooled or inveigled to commit violent acts.

Now connect the following dots Enrique Marquez, Mr. Farook,  Ms. Malik, and the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, CA USA.

I don’t know if Enrique Marquez first knew the diabolical killing couple while he was that awkward, goofy, but harmless high school student. At any rate, he was insecure and seeking a sense of belonging wherever he could find it.

The acutely alarming aspect of all this is that Muslim extremists have proved to be quite patient incubating benign appearing ruthless killers in sleeper cells all over the country!




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