Suicide Answer on the TV game show Jeopardy


Alex Trebek’s voice had just trailed off after reading an answer associated with the life is absurd point of view of Albert Camus. Nobody rang in with the question “What is suicide” which is a natural conclusion if one shares the Sisyphean point of view of the famous French novelist.

According to Camus, “There is only one really serious philosophical question, and that is blank” to put it in the form of a jeopardy answer. None of the high IQ jeopardy contestants were able to fill in the blank. 

Perhaps they were startled by such a melancholy interruption on the famous TV game show that has entertained and intellectually stimulated so many viewers over the years.

Also, if Albert Camus, whose life ended way too early in a car crash, really believes suicide is the only serious philosophical question, then one would have to conclude he held the rest of philosophy in very low regards!

Life is absurdly pointless, therefore kill yourself according to Albert Camus
Life is absurdly pointless, therefore kill yourself according to Albert Camus

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  1. I appreciate paralegal Matt Jackson’s honest and emotional thank you to all his teachers crediting them with his enormous winnings on the game show Jeopardy. Matt was close to tears with his voice trembling as he rendered his heartfelt tribute to two special educators. This was especially moving compared to the articulated cadence he usually possessed. He ran into the buzz saw currency trader from Chicago who was pretty much unbeatable. Not even Arthur Chu could have withstood his relentless runs.

    I think the currency trader faked uneasiness and uncertainty many times just for the histrionic effect it had on the audience and TV viewers. He pretended like he did not know and then BOOM right answer!!

    1. Was a pleasure to see Sue Baker win Jeopardy as she trailed the entire way until final jeopardy. She had to compete the next day against Ken Fischer an attorney who had annoying habit of clenching his entire body when trying to signal in. Ken, the marathon runner, is a competitive gentleman who has done quite well in life despite this impediment which is akin to K-5 kids mouthing the words when reading which has the effect of slowing down their reading speed.

  2. Nathan Morgan of Roswell NM USA was threatening to kill himself because he found out his wife was texting with another man.

    Police found an arsenal of semiautomatic weapons in his home in 600 block of greenbrier drive.

    A fire was reported as well. Some men look at their wives as possessions rather than an equal loved one. I would be jealous if my wife wife was texting intimate secrets to another man, but choking her and pointing Glock 45 at her forehead is deranged. Murder/suicide quite common it the states it seems.

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