Teacher Bullying: Fact or Fiction


Cindy Long, writing for neatoday.org, is trying to promulgate the view that bullying by school principals and superintendents is common. Shockingly the victims are the people we entrust to look after the best interests of our children, TEACHERS!

An anonymous educator from Augusta, Maine, was so distraught by the actions of her principal and superintendent that she didn’t want the school mentioned, but wanted  her story to be publicized because she believes the problem of workplace bullying is a significant in the land that we love.

The nameless teacher writes she literally fears for her well being and that her former employers could still hurt her.  She is concerned she will have to apply for unemployment not being able to receive a letter of  recommendation from a particularly vindictive administrator.

The recalcitrant employee told principal she opposed or would NOT transfer to a new school and new grade level which is the event that first put her on the radar.  Higher ups then cited deficiencies in her test scores, her interactions with parents, and how well she got along with colleagues.

The principal stated that her students were not satisfied with her instruction or classroom performance. This one is a tough call. Do we have an overbearing principal here or an instructor who is unwilling to comply with professionally set norms? I believe Teacher did not comply with the right of any independent school district to transfer employees to other school district based on demand and need.  Neattoday.org should vet their content writers back ground better. Moreover, Long sloppily only cites one anonymous teacher’s grievance and then concludes teacher bullying by admins and principals is widespread and prevalent. Her article is journalistically anecdotal. It’s possible her claim of teacher bullying is true, but her article is not even marginal proof.


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  1. I would emphatically love to hear input from luminary educators like:

    Kerry Lozito, Amanda Sheaffer, Jody Mason Westbrook, Paul R. Nevergold, Harold A Treinen
    , Danielle Christensen, Dick Sinay(who laments the low standardized scores is used as proof for teacher inadequacy-also has disdain for rich people), Bill Mullarney(regrets not having given more of his time on the topic of excessive testing culture), Susan B. Tripi(who wants to implement mechanism to call out derelict parents who impede child’s intellectual development), Eliot Scher, Salvatore Balsamo(New Jersey history teacher at Eastside High School in Paterson who is pissed off at having to adjust to multiple superintendents), Stacy Haines(sexy educator in poor Tucson, AZ school district who does not like being told to teach to the test), Gary Rubinstein(Brooklyn boy teaching at Bed Stuy), John Perella( writes comments which first note his own accomplishments before asking rhetorical questions that toot his horn-headmaster at Medford High School Boston), Anand Bhat, Donnan Stoicovy(voluble and passionate educator), Dr. Ora Watson
    (suffered through hurricane katrina in Cajun country), Doug Swedberg(education reform advocate), Adam Bessie(doing his best to get published in 2012), William Chenausky, Randall Postiglione(teaching in the war zones of Chicago Public School System), Tracie L. Washington(prone to long rants believing we have time to read them), Teri Pinney(former assistant principal tired of selling out her values just getting kids to pass FCAT in Florida), Tom Viviano(working on his PHD dissertation in 2011), Bruce A. Dawson(outstanding teacher who quit due to reform fatigue), Terry Fingers(spunky Missouri educator with big heart), Stanley D. Whelchel(who mentions he was outstanding Biology Teacher award winner in Iowa in all his comments during his 35 year career Waterloo, Iowa Community Schools), John Pyne, Caty DeWalt(highly critical of excessive workload with too little resources), Eugene Chiappetta, Marilyn Mears, David J. Eckstrom, Martha Mangahas(UCLA girl who needs to quit composing three page comments!….write a book woman!), Persida Shelton(a spiritual man who sleeps with the critically acclaimed tome The Death and Life of the Great American School System under his pillow), Victor Funderburk(deplores smoking grass, that aside a great teacher in Hartford, Connecticut who believed in collecting data to help narrow the division between teachers and admins….a good man), Agnes Cesare( Fremont High School), Vincent Precht, Hedy Hirsch(loves her job by dreads going to work at inner city Chicago school), John Eichinger, Ph.D., Tom Sobol( gave speech across the pond and the same crap of over testing is happening there too), Beverly Fox Martin(attractive woman James B. Longley School, Lewiston, ME, gave it her all in the classroom), Chary Sloan, Ph.D(believes abominable school policy manifests as domestic violence), Dr. Frank Ciriza, EdD, Jim Mamer
    , E. Todd Kaul, James D. Kirylo, Ph.D., Jennifer Asmonga(incurable Diane Ravitch fan and for good reason), Paul Shamchuk(thoughtful teacher Alberta Canada), Don Braden, Michael Lepak(excellent former teacher of math at Salamanca Central High School who now sells real estate being quite familiar with the doubling rule of 72), Lisa DeLorenzo, Ed.D., (Goodlad acolyte), Diane McGowen(PHD work in journaling across the curriculum), Stephen Silvius, Stacey Dunn(blowhard who talks too much), Kipp Dawson, Gary A. Groth, Nathan Munro, Jere Tannenbaum(pure contempt for Chris Christie’s union dissolving predilection), Hemant Mehta, Jonathan Strosse, Chris Monte, Joel Shatzky, Rachel Horwitz (librarian in Albuquerque, NM and a colleague of Sharon Moran who left McKinley Middle School after witnessing too many blood spilling fights between classes), Larry Feinberg, Dr. Claudia Allums( employed at for profit school in Dallas,TX I believe), Michael Radloff, PhD(Pima Community College), Brenton George(Australia), Melinda Pickens, Pete Pew(Fresno, CA), Shirley Corte(Houston,TX), Harry Frank(PhD Professor Emeritus of Psychology The University of Michigan-Flint, does not listen to or acknowledge anything anybody else says about education, His views are the only views even when commenting on award winning author’s website)

    1. The scuttlebutt is Hemant Mehta was essentially forced out of the teaching profession because he could not keep his mouth shut about his atheism in the classroom. Parents called in and complained and it turned into a witch hunt.

      Can anybody corroborate that? I have known many math teachers in my teaching career and many do gravitate towards that or agnosticism. Him and John W. Loftus have never gotten past the tip of their mathematical noses with all their proofs that God does not exist. They need to understand that the notion of God is an adaptation to help us cope with the horrors and suffering associated with the human condition.

      Thanks for being brave, but there has always been many more believers than non believers. Give it up. Try spirituality. Who cares if you are living a lie. Its the one lie that is OK and you will sleep better. You may as well be talking to wall with your Debunking attempts.

      There is no such thing as the truth on matter concerning the existence of a benevolent creator. Loftus preached to tons of congregations for twenty years before “being certain there is no God”. Who is gonna listen to you dude? Your brain changed man…..nothing else but how you process things. The sun still rises and your views mean no more than an ant crawling out of his ant hole. I tend to agree with you that when we kick, the lights go out, but find something else to do…. unless that “losing faith in faith” book is still producing income for you.

      Jennifer Lopez Twerking videos in much higher demand than a couple of egg head nerds trying to prove there is no God

    2. Who could not be poignantly moved by University of Mississippi Writing Project (UMWP) Teacher Consultant Sydney McGaha of Tupelo, Mississippi whose transformative writing style and passion for education is unparalleled. McGaha, who is an English Teacher at Pontotoc High School, battles last in the nation ratings which is a dubious distinction her state shares with New Mexico.

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